21 Best Customer Testimonial Examples in 2023

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Testimonials are powerful tools for businesses seeking to showcase the successful results of their products or services. Authentic customer stories provide valuable insights that can be used to boost your reputation and promote yourself.

Through different types of testimonial examples, customers can share the positive impacts your business had on them.

Customer testimonials offer an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate the value of our products and services. Through the insights of those who have experienced it first-hand, potential customers can gain a better idea of what they can expect.

At the same time, it also shows that we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer quality products and services. You should tailor the customer testimonials for your business to fit the company’s unique message.

By utilizing the best customer testimonial examples, businesses can create powerful marketing messages that resonate with their target market.

What are Customer Testimonials?

Testimonials are one of the most important types of social proof a business can have. They help to build trust with potential customers and increase conversions on a website or sales page.

Though what exactly is a testimonial? Testimonials are quotes from one or more customers who have had a positive working experience with your business. 

Testimonials are an essential tool for businesses looking to draw in new customers. They serve as powerful social proof that our product or service is worth investing in and can be the deciding factor in a customer’s decision-making process.

Hearing from others who have enjoyed positive experiences first-hand instills potential customers with confidence and validation in their purchase.

By providing tangible evidence of success, testimonials can make all the difference in increasing conversions and sales.

To maximize the positive impact of customer reviews, it’s important to emphasize them throughout all stages of the customer journey.

From the moment they receive their purchase, they should be encouraged to provide feedback that highlights why your offering is the ideal choice.

This will create a strong foundation of word-of-mouth promotion that can carry through to when they are asked to provide testimonials.


Best Testimonial Examples

Testimonials are a powerful way to add credibility and authenticity to the content on your website. They can help boost conversions, build trust, and encourage customers to take action.

Example of a testimonial include customer reviews, comments from social media accounts, or even a video featuring real customers talking about their experience with your business.

To make the most of these types of customer testimonials, it helps to write testimonials in a way that makes them feel personal and genuine.

When crafting authentic testimonials with examples for your business, think about what is unique or special about your company and how it has helped your customers succeed.

You should also write the testimonials from the customer’s perspective so that readers can relate to their story more easily. By creating real testimonials from people, you will be able to attract more leads and increase overall conversions on your website.

Now, let’s have a glance at the powerful examples of testimonials.

1. The Tea Story, an ideal customer testimonial page

the tea story

At The Tea Story, they understand that first impressions are everything. That’s why they’ve chosen to showcase their customer-approved teas with a beautiful floral testimonial box at the top of their homepage.

With glowing reviews from their satisfied customers and colourful adjectives like Peach Paradise and subtle yet rich in flavors,” any visitor to their website will be left wanting more.

So, consider adding your own personalized touch when it comes to showcasing your customer testimonials – it could make all the difference in gaining new customers!

2. Manulife Financial Corporation, website blog post testimonial


Manulife understands that navigating the financial services world can be tricky—so why not make it easier?

Through this insightful blog post testimonial, we get a comprehensive overview of how their customers have experienced Manulife’s offerings. With just a few clicks, you can find what you need and feel confident in your decision!

3. Boxed Water


Introducing Boxed Water – the water provider that believes every sip taken can help save the planet! Their innovative packaging, made up of 92% plant-based materials, is recyclable and perfect for on-the-go hydration.

Plus, their #betterplanet campaign encourages customers to share their stories for a chance to have two trees planted in their name.

From the beaches to the hiking trails, Boxed Water is empowering an engaging community of advocates to spread the word about sustainable living. So grab a bottle and join the movement on your next adventure.

4. Barclays plc, video testimonial


Barclays plc has crafted an incredible feat: a testimonial utilizing customer quotes, blog posts, and video evidence to emphasize the impact they have had on their customers.

This video-based testimony is designed to flow like a conversation, allowing Barclays to dive deep into exactly how their services impacted those who used them.

A transcript of the video and handpicked customer statements highlight the impact of the testimonial, creating an unforgettable experience.

5. Robyn Kurdas, website testimonial

Robyn Kurdas is full of vibrant, thought-provoking brilliance. Her masterful website design is a testament to her creative skill, and the “Testimonials” section only adds to that.

She displays each customer quote on the website in an eye-catching slideshow of wild colours and interesting images – a fitting representation of the dynamism Robyn is known for.

With one glance at her page, it’s easy to spot why she’s established herself as a leader in digital marketing and design.

6. Koble, website type of testimonial

Koble, a powerful SaaS platform designed to help entrepreneurs kickstart their dreams into reality, showcases inspiring founders on its home page.

Each testimonial features an image of the founder with a couple of sentences capturing their story and success – providing invaluable evidence of the immense ROI users can expect.

Take Rachel Cook as an example – she successfully raised a whopping $3 million investment for her company, all thanks to Koble’s resources!

This is just one of many stories that celebrates the power of this platform, and serves as a reminder to potential customers that investing in Koble has serious pay-offs.

The message is clear, by using your product or service, you can show potential customers the real value it can bring to their businesses and make them more likely to convert.

7. Siemens – SIRIUS ACT


Siemens‘ video testimonial is a stunning showcase of successful results achieved by the power of creative expression.

With quotable examples and official support from various sectors, it provides an insightful view into how one user reaped the benefits of their ingenuity.

These stories can be a source of inspiration and motivation – they go to show that innovative ideas can be made real if you think outside the box.

8. Sephora

Discover why the gem of beauty brands, Sephora, is truly a cut above the rest with its creative approach to enlisting members for its esteemed Squad!

By prominently featuring stimulating testimonials from existing Squad members, this beauty giant has lured in loads of new participants to the team.

Don’t pass up on your chance to join this glittering group and hear what all the shimmering buzz is about!

9. Codecademy Stories

Codecademy has done an exemplary job of creating their “Codecademy Stories” section – a straightforward yet effective testimonials page that includes customer quotes, pictures, names and locations. You can even delve into the case studies with a Q&A format.

Take Martha Chumo, for example, the 18-year-old college student who taught herself to code in just one summer! That story speaks volumes as Codeacademy is accessible to learners from all walks of life – its success stories are proof.

Through videos and written content, Codeacademy continues to spread its message and motivate prospects with examples like Martha’s.

A phenomenal feat indeed, “Martha Chumo is no ordinary 18 year old. In one summer, she taught herself to code and got a job.”

10. Salesforce


On Salesforce‘s homepage, customers share their stories of why they chose the product. Clicking on “Watch the Story” will open a window with an in-depth video, allowing prospects to get an intimate look into what the product has to offer.

To make it as easy as possible for these prospects, Salesforce added a button right next to the testimonial that reads “Start My Free Trial” – with one click, prospects can sign up and begin utilizing the platform.

Creative takeaway: Make your call-to-action prominently placed near the testimonial, so you can capture your prospect’s information without delay.

11. Stio Brand Ambassadors

Stio Brand Ambassadors help to bring the brand to life by sharing the stories of their unique journeys in the outdoors.

By connecting customers with inspiring narratives, Stio helps to show that true success and joy can be found through investing in quality clothing and equipment.

Each ambassador is a shining example of what individuals can achieve when they dare to pursue their passions and chase their dreams to new heights.

To make this experience even more accessible to customers, Stio also provides product carousels that allow shoppers to replicate their heroes’ look with ease.

Through this collaborative effort, customers are empowered to become the next great outdoor explorer.

12. Shuttlerock, quote testimonial


Through expert creative design and compelling testimonials, Shuttlerock has helped many different companies find success.

By showcasing nine customers on their website, they demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. Every story is inspiring, with the challenges faced before partnering with Shuttlerock, and data revealing impressive results. 

13. The Highland Kitchen, an example of case studies

The Highland Kitchen displays testimonials on a page “Client Reviews.” The website program here begins with a large, lovely photograph of nature, promptly catching the user’s gaze.

Below this image is a compilation of reviews that owe their impact to the particular details they hold. They further note the challenges that confronted their position and the way in which the cook, Greig, handled these issues.

One assessment reveals that the customers were eating in an outbuilding without any water or electricity. But Greig was still able to dish up marvelous fare.

A different review explains how Greig produced food for the children within the group. Instead of outrightly portraying Greig’s personality, these testimonials employ stories to uncover his inventiveness, carefulness, and attentiveness to detail.

14. Hearts and Tears

Hearts and Tears, a motorcycle visit office, admissions a concise customer quote in adverting an approaching ride. With the help of pictures from the trek, they help give a notion of what the drive is everything about.

The statement, “Experience riding on steroids,” applies edgy, casual language to directly appeal to their motorbike-riding crowd.

As opposed to asking for customer reviews, the organization lifted the expression straightforwardly from TripAdvisor. Benefiting from constructive audits on proposal stages and online media pages is an extraordinary methodology for finding customer tributes.

You can acquire surveys from Facebook, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or some other applicable stage. Just ensure you give the suitable credit by composing the site’s name in the endorsement.

15. Patagonia

Patagonia‘s Worn Wear Program is a brilliant way of selling pre-loved and vintage pieces. Thus, this enables them to form an even closer connection with the people who turn to their goods.

Showcasing “The Stories We Wear” on their website, Patagonia encourages shoppers to share the deeper motivations underlying their purchases.

Thus this allows them to craft meaningful and heartfelt accounts that go beyond regular customer reviews. Sure to captivate attention, these individual histories bring life to the brand’s products.

16. Ordway

Through a video testimonial, one can tap into the psyche of the testimonial provider. This is meaningful when you start to grasp shoppers’ purchasing judgement processes.

Jeff Woglom, VP of Finances at OpenFin, states in a video comment how much time he saved with Ordway. He focused on the fact that Ordway is customizable and influential. 

So, a tip for you here is to highlight the differentiators that led you to purchase. Prospects who are exploring different rivals will detect these and might determine they are substantial enough to purchase.

17. Autofleet, influencer testimonial

Whereas a few testimonials earn trust by communicating familiarity, others do so by attaining to influence.

This is exactly what Autofleet accomplishes by flaunting prominent business partners like Zipcar, Suzuki, and Avis in its testimonials. This quickly makes Autofleet appear as an industry authority with a profitable solution.

You can see the recommendations on the homepage with an uncomplicated but brilliant design. Autofleet intentionally involves each statement along with a striking company logo..

This helps to center attention on the partner corporation more than the spokesperson. At the same time, each testimonial contains an image and title of each consumer to make it more believable.

18. Ravin

ravin logo

Ravin, an AI firm, leverages the positive feedback they have received from the media to establish trustworthiness with the public.

Through their dedicated page, readers are provided insights on how the company is viewed by credible sources. By showcasing favourable press reviews, Ravin has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the industry.

19. Fabletics #MyFabletics Hashtag, social media testimonial


Fabletics knows just how to win the hearts of their customers—through passion-filled posts. By encouraging fans to share pics by tagging #MyFabletics, the brand’s social account gets an instantaneous outburst of activity.

Not only is this a great way to amplify customer advocacy, but it also serves as free advertising. No need for hefty costs either; simply create your own hashtag and let the word spread across Instagram! 

20. CloudZero

CloudZero is the perfect tool for businesses looking to gain control of their AWS expenses and optimize their usage.

Obsidian Security’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Ben Johnson, can attest to this as he recommends the product specifically for organizations with similar problems in his video testimonial.

By presenting a real-world example that potential customers can relate to, it becomes easier for them to understand the value and benefit that CloudZero offers.

21. Puffin Packaging

Often, visuals talk louder than words. So, Puffin Packaging has leveraged the Wix Pro Gallery to uplift their customers’ experiences with eye-catching visuals.

By displaying pet owners utilizing their product, they have illustrated how dogs and cats can comfortably rest in their environmentally friendly boxes – even when transporting pet food.

Moreover, images of colourful dishes made from freshly-packaged food items, created with Puffin’s products, showcase the endless versatility of their product and its joyous impact on people’s lives.

There are no images of persons displayed by Puffin; however metaphorical depictions of animals and repasts look enough to win us over. After all, if animals are enjoying the item, unquestionably their proprietors are too!

How to Write a Testimonial?

Everyone wants to hear good feedback from their customers and readers. Testimonials are an important tool which you can use to validate your services and add credibility to your brand.

A great testimonial speaks volumes about you, your business, and the quality of service or product that you provide. Here’s how to write an effective testimonial: 

1. Identify a Satisfied Customer & Ask for A Testimonial

The best way to ensure that you have a successful testimonial is to find a satisfied customer. It’s not enough for them just to say they were satisfied—they need to be ecstatic about it! Reach out directly via email or social media, if possible using personal contact information. 

2. Providing Specific Examples Makes a Great Testimonial

It is beneficial to encourage customers to provide specific examples of how the product or service had a positive impact on their lives. This can include resolving issues, simplifying tasks, boosting productivity, or providing some other tangible benefit. Doing so enables us to gain deeper insight into the effects our offerings have and better understand customer needs.

3. Ask for Permission and Include Contact Info or Social Testimonials

When seeking permission to use customers’ feedback on our testimonials page, it is essential that we disclose their contact information. Moreover, businesses may wish to ask if the customer would like their name featured in the testimonials page.

However, this is not required unless requested by the customer. Additionally, for printed materials, organizations may require additional forms, such as model releases or waivers.

4. Focus on Benefits Rather than Features in The Testimonials for Your Business

The best approach for writing effective evaluative comments is by highlighting benefits rather than features. This means explaining what advantages your customer experienced by using your product or service.

For example: “the software saved me time” is far more engaging than simply saying “the software has many features.” 

5. Encourage Multiple Reviews for Customer Testimonial Examples

Sometimes one satisfied customer can be enough but often having multiple positive reviews adds more weight to your story. So, don’t be afraid to reach out beyond one particular group if necessary.

This will help you get different perspectives on why they enjoyed working with you in the past few weeks.

Testimonials can be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to boost their credibility. How long should a testimonial be? This article will provide guidance on what makes a testimonial feel authentic and how to write one.

What Is the Ideal Length of A Great Testimonial Template?

The ideal length of a testimonial depends largely on the content being shared. Generally, you should aim for between 150-200 words. This gives enough space for a complete story without losing the readers’ interest. The first thing to consider is why people might read a testimonial.

It’s likely because they’re looking for proof that other people have had good results with your product or service. Or they want to get an idea of what it looks like when someone uses it successfully.

That means you should include details about the customer situation before using your product or service. Also, write about the results they achieved after doing so. 

Customer stories should also show appreciation for the work done, as well as some unique insight about them. Moreover, make sure that each story contains specific details such as data points, specific goals or unexpected advantages of your product or service, etc. 

Additionally, the language you use in the testimonial must be succinct and straightforward. Avoid jargon or overly flowery language and stick to short sentences whenever possible.

People don’t want to read walls of text; instead give them something informative but still easy to read quickly. 

Where to Use Testimonials?

Testimonials are the backbone of many businesses, as they help to build trust and credibility in your company. In order for your testimonials to be effective, they need to be prominently displayed and strategically placed.

Here are some tips on how and where to put testimonials so they will get the most engagement and exposure. When writing a short testimonial or mashup testimonial, remember that most readers won’t need much more than 150-200 words. 

1. Place Testimonials on Your Website in The Homepage

Your homepage is a key part of your website that gets seen by a lot of people. So it makes sense to have some customer testimonials placed prominently.

You can either include several or just one; either way, you should make sure it’s visible within the first few seconds someone lands on your page. 


2. Get Testimonials Added to Product/service Pages to Increase Conversions

Adding customer reviews to product or service pages has been proven to increase conversions from visitors. This is because customers often need more proof that the products or services being offered are worth their money before committing to buy them. Adding testimonials here could be enough for customers to make the decision to purchase. 

3. Create an Entire Page Dedicated to Advertising Testimonials

To boost trustworthiness and visibility, you should create an entire page on your website dedicated solely to customer reviews.

Put as much information as possible, including details such as how long ago they had their experience with you, what product/service they used, why they chose you etc., since this adds credibility and portrays a better picture of what type of business you provide. 

4. Display Story Testimonials on Your Blog Sidebar 

If you have a blog section on your website, you should add some iconography like stars or other symbols next to each post which links through highlighted customer comments that categorize posts’ characteristics (such as quality).

This gives readers another added incentive and also makes it easier for them.  

5. Promote Testimonials via Social Media Posts 

 Social media channels are fantastic ways of showing off customer feedback publicly – if happy clients tag your business in posts or share screenshots of reviews then don’t hesitate to promote these on all channels!

People looking at those accounts may not necessarily even know about your business yet – by using social media, you’re expanding reach & building relationships with potential new clients who could benefit from what you have on offer too!


Thus, when looking for customer reviews to use as social proof, it’s important to keep in mind the best sources of testimonials.

A great way to get testimonials is to ask your customers directly. You can also gather feedback from surveys and letters. If you don’t have any customer testimonial examples, there are plenty of sample reviews online that you can use.

As a starting point, take a look at 10 customer testimonial examples for inspiration and ideas. Additionally, consider using story testimonials or creating a testimonial video if you have the resources available.

This content can be included on your website or shared on social media channels to further increase its impact. When used correctly, customer reviews can be an effective way of demonstrating the quality of your product or service.

Good Luck!

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