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Create Google Performance Max Campaigns

Google Performance Max campaigns are a newly introduced campaign type that makes use of various asset groups such as creative assets, feed assets, and remarketing lists to optimize conversions.

A single campaign can hold multiple asset groups, making it easier to manage advertising materials across different channels.

To enable Google Performance Max campaigns, advertisers need to have their feed integrated with Google Merchant Center to allow for product data to be shared across all campaign types.

Creative assets such as images and video files play a crucial role in performance max campaign success, as they help to engage users and are more likely to convert them.

Local campaigns also make use of automated bidding strategies and campaign settings to ensure optimal results.

With Performance Max campaigns, marketers can extend their advertising reach to high-value audiences that are actively searching for their product or service and allow Google AI to optimize bidding and targeting strategies for maximum ROI. 

So now let’s get started and learn everything about creating Google Performance Max campaigns.

What Is Performance Max on Google Ads?

Performance Max on Google Ads is an advanced system for getting the most out of your Google Ads campaign.

  • It helps you reach a bigger audience and make more sales by optimizing your ads across Google’s full range of networks, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Shopping, Discovery and Display.
  • It can help your business reach more customers across all of Google’s advertising channels.
  • It works alongside your existing keyword campaigns to optimize your advertising efforts in one place.
  • It also promises to make buying ads on Google easier and provide more data tools.

It takes 6–8 weeks for the campaigns to run properly, and some marketers find that it detracts from their search campaigns even though Google suggests this should not happen.


Benefits of Performance Max

1. Easier Optimization of Your Ad Campaign

Performance Max makes optimizing your ad campaigns easier. By automatically adjusting your budget and bids on Google’s platforms, you can get more leads and conversions faster than with a traditional search or shopping campaign.

All you need to do is tell Google how much you want to spend, define your goals, and choose the metrics to measure—then let their machine learning technology take over.

So, it’s a great choice for busy businesses that don’t have the resources to manage more complex efforts.

2. Use Performance Max to Find New Audience 

With Performance Max, you can find and reach new audiences that have an interest in what your business offers.

Its real-time analysis helps you target ads to customers when they’re looking for products or services like yours, so you can get the right message to the right people at the right time.

3. PMax Campaign Is Easy to Set up For E Commerce Businesses

Performance Max campaigns are perfect for ecommerce stores, as they’re quick and easy to get started. By using Google Ads integration, businesses can begin performance-based advertising quickly and start enjoying the rewards even faster. 

4. Make Creative Ads

Performance Max helps you make more creative ads. Every time you use it to create something, it comes out differently. It will give your Google Ads campaigns a boost, so they’re always fresh and new.

5. Google Performance Max Campaigns Are Simple to Adjust

Performance Max makes ad campaigns easier to manage—just decide on your goal, return on investment, and budget, then watch as your performance improves.

Drawbacks of Performance Max

1. Lack of Accurate Picture of Ad Performance

Performance Max has some drawbacks that may not give advertisers an accurate picture of their campaigns. It’s hard to keep track of how much money is spent on different types of visitors and where the budget is being cannibalized.

This can lead to confusion and a sudden decrease in results without any explanation.

2. Cannibalization

Performance Max covers many more ads than other options. But, be careful, it can take over some of your current campaigns and take credit for any sales they make, making it hard to measure how much value Performance Max really brings. 

3. Lack of Control

Performance Max campaigns are automated and don’t offer businesses a lot of control. They can set the budget and performance goals, but they don’t have the same level of control that manual campaigns offer over targeting and ad delivery.

4. Complex & Time Consuming

Performance Max campaigns take more time and effort than other campaigns. They require specialized setup and oversight, especially if you don’t have a Shopify account connected to Google Ads.

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How to Create a Performance Max Campaign on Google?

To create Performance Max campaigns on Google, go to your Ads account and create a new campaign. Then follow the steps mentioned below to create your Performance Max campaign on Google.

1. Choose Your Goals

Before setting up your pmax campaign, pick what you want to achieve. Do you want to make sales, get leads, or increase website visitors?

After that, decide the specific actions you want people to take, like buying something or calling you, after they’ve seen your campaign.

2. Select the Name of The Campaign

Choose Performance Max and name your campaign to maximize performance.

3. Decide Budget and Bidding

When you set up your performance campaigns, you’ll decide how much money you want to spend and what type of bids you’d like.

If you go with a Performance Max campaign, Google will optimize for the best conversion value. You can also choose to set a target return on investment for your ads.

4. Customise Your Campaign

On the following page, you’ll customize your campaign. This includes choosing where visitors can come from and what language they speak, as well as deciding which websites you want them to see.

You have the option to exclude some URLs or only send traffic to certain links.

5. Open the Ad Asset Page

The ad asset page will look different from other ads you’ve set up. You’ll give each asset a name and provide an image, video, logo, headline, description, and final URL. Preview the ad for each type to make sure it looks right.

If you don’t have a video for YouTube ads, Google will create one, so try to make your own instead so you can keep control of your ad.

6. Publish Your Campaign 

To complete your campaign setup, make sure to review all the details. Once you are ready, hit “Publish campaign,” and your process will be done!

Key Features of Performance Max Campaigns

1. Reaching New Customers

Performance Max campaigns have a new feature called “Customer Acquisition,” which helps you find and target new customers. You can adjust your bids to reach them or restrict them only to the customers on your list.

It may cost more, but this setting will prevent existing customers from seeing the ads. To get started, just check the box and adjust your audience list.

2. Check the Insights Tab

Look for valuable insights about your campaign in the Insights tab. To get the most accurate information, you should wait a few days or weeks before checking out the best-performing search categories and audience segments.

3. Use the Search Category 

This report will help you figure out if your PMax campaigns are bringing you brand or non-brand searches, new or repeat searches, and which specific audiences they are targeting and converting.

It’ll tell you whether the right people and searches are being reached through specific parts of your PMax campaigns (like videos).

4. Take Advantage of Audience Segments 

This report shows you which Google audience your customers belong to. With this information, you can see which audience segments are making conversions and if the advertisements in your PMax campaigns are targeting the right people.

5. Switch on The Final URL Expansion 

Performance Max Campaigns can offer a better experience for customers by making sure the content on your ads matches what people are searching for.

When switched on, Final URL Expansion does this—it adjusts landing pages and headlines to reflect a customer’s search query.

This can be helpful in reaching more people within your audience, but make sure you do a full audit of your website before taking advantage of this feature.

6. Excluding Irrelevant URLs when Using Final URL Expansion

If you want to use Final URL Expansion, it’s important to look through your website and take out URLs that won’t help you reach your conversion goals.

Those pages should not include any pages that are far away from buying something, like the About Us page, Parent Blog page, and Solutions Parent page. After all non-converting pages are excluded, you can start using Final URL Expansion.

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Should You Use Google Ads Performance Max?

You can run performance Max optimisation if you belong to any of the following groups:

1. Target New Audience Segments

Performance Max campaigns are great for businesses that want to reach new customers. With Performance Max, you can advertise on Google without having to create extra campaigns. It’s easy to use, and it can help your purchase rate grow.

2. Collect Valuable Data About the Audience

Performance Max campaigns are a great way to maximize your Google marketing performance.

By leveraging advanced machine learning, you can easily collect valuable data about your audience and use that information to increase your conversions and achieve a better ROI.

3. Achieve Multiple Goals with Advertising

Performance Max campaigns are perfect for those who want to achieve more than one goal with their advertisements.

This type of campaign is great if you aim to improve lead generation, sales, and brand recognition in a single effort. With Performance Max, you can combine several goals into one campaign.

4. Simple Strategy to Advertise

Performance Max campaigns are an effective and simple way to advertise, perfect for small businesses and in-house advertisers who don’t want to commit to a long, complicated strategy.

Performance Max Optimisation versus Smart Shopping Campaign

Performance Max is an improved version of Smart Shopping. It works with Google assets and offers more choices for bidding, like Discover, YouTube In-Stream, and Maps.

Performance Max lets you check how things are going in one easy place. The budgets in Performance Max campaigns get shared across all goals to help achieve better results overall.

Strategies and Tricks to Run Performance Max

1. Add Negative Keywords

Unfortunately, Performance Max doesn’t let you add negative keywords at the platform level, even though this can be really important.

You have to go through a Google representative to do this. If you don’t have one, it’s impossible to add one. It’s not fair for smaller advertisers and agencies.

2. Time-Consuming

To get the most out of performance-optimized ads, remember that it takes time. Google helps by testing which campaigns work best and targeting the right people. Give each campaign a few weeks to show results before making big changes.

3. Take Care of Cannibalization

Performance Max campaigns can harm your brand, so be careful. Make sure you keep your brand terms away from these ads by adding those words as “negatives”. That way, your brand won’t be hurt.

4. Perform Consistent Tests

If you want to get the most out of your campaigns, be sure to try different ads with various images, videos, and words.

Google can help you figure out which works best, although you should monitor them carefully since initial results may vary. Learn more about optimizing and using the best methods for success.

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Thus, creating Google Performance Max campaigns is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of your online advertising.

This new campaign type allows you to create an automated campaign without worrying about targeting or bidding settings.

Performance Max ads are optimized automatically by Google’s advanced algorithms, ensuring that your ads are displayed more frequently and to the most relevant audience.

With this new campaign type, your ads will appear on both the Google network and search ads, reaching potential customers where they are most likely to convert.

Let Google create and optimize ads on your behalf, saving you valuable time and resources while increasing the success of your online advertising efforts.

Overall, the Google Performance Max campaign is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their online sales and establish their brand presence in the digital marketplace.

Good Luck!

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