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Don’t Panic if Your Instagram Account Is Disabled 

Don’t let a disabled Instagram account get in the way of your social media dreams!

There are a lot of reasons why an account may get deactivated or disabled, but it’s not the end of the world. Thanks to our ultimate guide to the Instagram Appeal Form, you’ll be able to recover your deactivated Instagram account in no time.

We’ve got your back, providing you with an easy-to-follow tutorial that will walk you through every step of the process to access your account.

Check out our guide now and get your Instagram account back up and running!


Instagram Account Disabled? Here’s how To Recover It with A Mobile App!

If you see a “Disabled Account” message when you try to log in to Instagram, that means your account has been temporarily disabled. Don’t worry; you can reactivate it.

To get started, look for the “Learn More” button next to the Disabled Account message. Click on it and follow the instructions to reactivate your account.

  • To start, simply open the app on your smartphone.

  • Log in with your Instagram username and password.

  • If a message pops up saying that your account has been disabled, don’t stress. Just click on ‘Learn More’ to see what you can do next.

  • You’ll be directed to an appeal page where you can explain why your account should be restored.

  • After submitting the appeal through the mobile app, all you need to do is wait—hopefully not too long—for a response from Instagram!

Just a quick reminder that patience is key when requesting that Instagram review your case. Sending multiple requests won’t speed up the process, so it’s best to take a deep breath and wait for a response.

Also, remember to be polite in your requests and refrain from showing frustration. Getting upset may only delay the process further.

If you believe you may have unknowingly violated Instagram policies, be sure to explain this in the appeal form while reassuring the team it won’t happen again. You can also click on  “Instagram Support” to regain access.

If you don’t see the “Learn More” button on your Instagram app, don’t worry! You can still submit a form for manual review by the Instagram team.

7 Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Has Been Disabled

If you use Instagram, it’s important to follow the Instagram Community Guidelines. This is because if too many people report your account for breaking these guidelines, your account may be disabled.

If this happens, you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision with an appeal form. To make sure you don’t unintentionally break the guidelines, it’s a good idea to get familiar with them!

1. Posting Content That’s Not Yours

When you post on Instagram, it’s important to make sure that all the content is your own and not something that you don’t have permission to use.

To respect others’ intellectual property rights, you must only share content that you created or that you own the rights to. Any content taken from another person or company without their permission could get you into trouble.

2. Inappropriate Content

When posting content on Instagram, it’s important to keep in mind that what you share should be appropriate for a diverse audience. This mainly relates to nudity, as some forms of artistic expression are not seen as such by everyone.

Intimate or explicit sexual activities or close-ups of completely nude buttocks and female nipples are not allowed. Paintings and sculptures are okay to post, but it’s never okay to post partially or completely nude photos of children.

3. Disingenuous Interactions

When interacting with others on social media, it is important to be honest and genuine.

If you are found engaging in any kind of spam or offering giveaways or money as an incentive for likes, comments, ratings, or reviews, your account has been deleted. Protect your account by doing the right thing and only interacting honestly.

4. Illegal Activities

The platform strictly prohibits any illegal activities, such as offering sexual services, trading in unregulated goods, and engaging in any activity that promotes or supports organized crime, terrorism, or hate groups.

Content that involves minors sexually is also strictly prohibited. Any user found violating these terms will have their account disabled.


5. Disrespectful Interactions

To foster a positive and inclusive community, all members are required to engage in respectful interactions with one another.

This entails refraining from making any threatening or derogatory remarks towards others, as well as avoiding any actions that may be deemed discriminatory or hurtful.

Regardless of personal beliefs or opinions, every member is expected to treat others with dignity and respect, without resorting to shaming or degrading behavior.

6. Promotions Of Self-Injury

Promoting any form of self-harm or injury is strictly prohibited on social media platforms. Engaging in such activities will lead to the revocation of your account access. Please refrain from promoting such harmful behaviors on our platform.

7. News

When it comes to sharing news and articles, it is vital to consider the nature of the content.

Graphic violence and images that depict sadistic pleasure are a cause for concern, and such materials should not be shared on the platform, even if they are in the form of news.

It is essential to steer clear of such content to maintain the integrity and appropriateness of the platform.

Types of Instagram Disabled Accounts

Instagram may apply two types of bans to accounts that violate their terms of service.

  • Temporary Ban

  • Permanent Ban 

Instagram has strict terms of service that accounts must comply with, and violators may face bans. There are two types of bans that Instagram may apply to accounts, depending on the severity of the violation.

Personal accounts may be temporarily banned, while Instagram business accounts may be permanently removed.

In some cases, Instagram terms may provide a brief explanation for the ban, but users may not always receive a reply from Instagram. When attempting to log in to a banned account, a pop-up may appear explaining the reason for the ban.

Recovering a disabled account may be difficult, as Instagram has fewer reviewers available due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If the account is permanently removed, the user may be required to verify their identity by submitting a picture with the code. In some cases, users may need to use a different email to create a new account, as no reason for the ban was given.

Temporary Ban

Instagram may impose temporary bans in cases where there are indications of policy violations. Even if you haven’t intentionally broken any rules, such prohibitions may still occur.

One such scenario is when the platform detects bot-like behavior, such as engaging in excessive activities within a short period, e.g., liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing in large numbers.

Furthermore, repeatedly posting identical comments may also warrant such action. The employment of unofficial third-party applications for Instagram, particularly those that automate certain actions, presents a potential concern.

This is especially true if one decides to buy followers through unreliable services.

Should an individual fall victim to a phishing scam, in which an unfamiliar entity gains access to one’s login credentials without consent, Instagram will respond accordingly by imposing a temporary ban on the account.

In cases of temporary account restrictions, the account is still operational, albeit with limited access. Engaging in activities such as liking, commenting, or sharing is prohibited during the suspension period, which varies depending on the reasons for the suspension.

Once the designated duration has elapsed, the use of the account will resume without any impediments.

Permanent Bans

Permanent bans on Instagram are rare occurrences, typically triggered by a violation of the platform’s terms of service. In this case, you won’t be able to log in and think that your Instagram isn’t working.

One of the main reasons for permanently disabling an account is the accumulation of numerous reports from other users. Such reports usually target prohibited content, including spam, bots, and violent or sexually explicit material.

Nonetheless, there is an opportunity to submit an appeal before the account is irrevocably lost. If you wish to send an appeal, please be aware that it must be submitted within 30 days of the decision.

It is essential to act quickly if you find yourself in this situation. If Instagram determines that you violated their terms despite your appeal, your account will be permanently closed, and you will have to create another account.

Ensure that you create a new account with a different email address and phone number than those associated with the deactivated account.

insta ban


In conclusion, if you’ve done everything you can to try and resolve an issue with your Instagram account but still find yourself locked out, the first thing to do is submit an appeal form.

While there’s no guarantee that Instagram will review your case and restore your disabled account, it’s definitely worth trying.

There are seven main reasons to appeal, including if your Instagram account has been suspended or disabled permanently, if you’ve mistakenly violated community guidelines, or if you simply want to recover your Instagram account.

You can submit the appeal form through the mobile app or via the desktop website. Keep in mind that it may take time for Instagram to get back to you. Make sure that you go through Instagram’s community guidelines and get your account back.

If you don’t get a response right away, keep trying, and don’t be afraid to create a new Instagram account with a new username or email address if necessary.

Thank you!!

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