How to Embed a Youtube Video in 2023?

how to embed a youtube video

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When you pause or finish a YouTube video on your website for your target audience, you may have seen other videos pop up that you didn’t expect. These can even be from your rivals.

Though don’t worry, deactivating related videos from YouTube embeds is fairly simple to do. Even though it’s impossible to entirely turn off related videos, you can limit them to just your channel.

Go through our blog for instructions about how to embed a YouTube video without showing related videos.


How to Embed a You Tube Video File without Showing Related Videos?

1. Get Embed Code

If you want to embed a YouTube video, click the share button beneath it and simply copy the code. This should then be pasted into a text editor or word document so that changes can be made.

Add ?rel=0Ā  after the video URL in the code

Type ?rel=0 after the video’s URL directly in the video, but before the closing quotation marks.

Paste via HTML

Copy the embed code we adjusted above into the HTML editor area of your website. You may now publish your modifications, and this will restrict suggested videos to just those on your channel.

2. Acquire an Exclusive Paid Video Hosting Service

Employing a dedicated, paid video hosting service such as Vimeo to add videos will give you back your control. If third-party video clips are already placed in your blog, try to discover these videos on Vimeo and use Vimeo’s embed code instead of YouTube’s.

A lot of brands have a Vimeo channel now, and this change in YouTube’s video embed code would indicate that having brands’ videos available on both Vimeo and YouTube.

It is a viable choice for any brand trying to promote video sharing without having related videos suddenly included in the mix.

Another selection for video hosting you could consider is Wistia, which has some great features for custom players and embeds that can aid you in maintaining control.

3. Disable Related YouTube Videos Using Word Press Plugin

You can also disable related videos on YouTube with a WordPress plugin. This technique is more beneficial to SEO than the alternative mentioned before.

To carry this out, you should take advantage of the Embed Plus for YouTube plugin. Enable the “Hide related videos at the end of playback” setting in the plugin, and then initiate installation and activation from your WordPress admin dashboard’s plugin page.

When combined with your WordPress website, this lightweight yet powerful plugin provides a variety of YouTube video functionality.

How to Embed YouTube Video to Your Website or Blog?

Knowing that embedding videos will make your website or blog look great and boost marketing metrics, you need a video hosting platform for the video to render.

With so many available options on the market, you have an immense selection of choices to determine which one best suits your needs.

To assist you, we collected the top video hosting sites with their respective benefits and drawbacks:

1. Vimeo


Vimeo is the favoured video hosting platform for its modern attributes among those who make videos. In comparison to YouTube, Vimeo offers higher-quality video and has more advanced options for premium users.

To add a Vimeo video to your CMS platform, go to the video that you desire to include and click the paper airplane-shaped “Share” symbol found on the right.

It will offer you an “Embed” button at the bottom of the pop-up, which should be used to copy the code into your editor (which is much like YouTube).

  • The benefits of Vimeo are numerous, including a custom video player, the absence of ads, and privacy settings.
  • Vimeo’s downsides include features that are only available on certain plans and less traffic compared to YouTube when it comes to uploading videos.

2. YouTube


When searching for a beginner-friendly way to embed video code, YouTube stands out as one of the most common and obvious options.

To put a YouTube video on your website, you need to click “Share” and then “Embed Code,” as we’ve already said. After that, copy the video code and paste it into the text editor of your CMS, such as WordPress or HubSpot.

  • The advantages of YouTube are vast; videos can be embedded free of charge, it has the capacity to offer live streaming, and it provides an organic way to connect with a wider audience.
  • Disadvantages of YouTube include limited customization options, advertisements that can appear at the front or in the middle of a video, YouTubeā€™s watermark and its logo overlay, and the risk that videos can be removed at any time.

3. Wistia


The Wistia video hosting service does a lot more than just provide support for high-quality videos and adaptive streaming.

On this platform, you can gain access to comprehensive analytics to see who is watching your videos as well as which ones are bringing in the most revenue for your business.

To embed a video from Wistia into WordPress, follow these simple steps: simply locate the “Share” option on the video and copy its link.

For WordPress-hosted videos, you can utilize the oEmbed feature, which allows you to directly add the link without any code. If hosting on another CMS platform, use the “Share” sectionā€™s code instead of the link.

  • The advantages of Wistia are the presence of advanced analytics, in-video hyperlinks, and SEO optimization.
  • The drawbacks of using Wistia are that its features are restricted to just some plans and that it can be expensive for small businesses.

Benefits of Embedding Videos as Opposed to Linking

For content marketers who are just learning about embedding video, it can be hard to tell the difference between the pros and cons of embedding and linking.

Here are some benefits that should be taken into consideration:

1. Video Embed: Improved SEO

One of the major goals when designing digital material is to concentrate on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your web traffic and have a better rank than your competitors.

Blending videos will make visitors remain on the site for an extended duration, signaling to Google that your website holds significance.

An additional video SEO strategy:

Putting in video content permits you to improve your video’s title, description, and transcription for relevant keywords. Your video’s thumbnail can appear in the search results as well, further facilitating that desired searchability.

2. Higher Quality Videos if You Want to Embed

By linking to videos, you not only decrease the amount of time spent on your site but may also reduce the quality of your content.

By hosting your videos on different platforms, you can have peace of mind that they are designed for optimum viewing.Ā 

3. Zero Loss of StorageĀ 

Your video will be played right on your webpage; however, it is held in a separate video player, illustrating that it won’t utilize the bandwidth and storage of your website.

Is It Still a Good Idea to Post Videos on YouTube?

Of course! YouTube, essentially the second-biggest search engine on the internet, should not be overlooked. Maximize your video performance with helpful advice on optimizing content in this podcast.

While considering these adjustments, rethink how you embed video material on your site.

Marketers invest lots of time, money, and precious resources to attract visitors to their pages. Everyone is aware of how video content can aid people in converting.

However, the last thing you want is for some of that traffic to be directed back to YouTube at a critical point in the purchasing process.

Learn how the new embeds work and make informed decisions about how videos should appear on your website.As we’ve talked about, you shouldn’t use YouTube to put videos on your own website.


It is our hope that this article will provide you with useful insight into the use of video on your website.

To ensure success, the first step should be to make a detailed record of how your current website material is utilizing YouTube video embeds and then decide how you want it done going forward.

With an appropriate setup, you can keep visitors on your site and away from YouTube or your competition’s video content.

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