How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram?


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Launching Your Instagram Giveaway

Are you looking for ways to boost your Instagram marketing strategy? Launching an Instagram giveaway is a great way to engage your followers and attract new ones. But where do you start?

First, create a giveaway post with clear instructions on how to enter, such as asking participants to tag a friend in the comments.

Make sure to use relevant hashtags and promote your giveaway on other social media platforms to reach even more Instagram users.

Next, consider using an Instagram giveaway picker tool to select a winner fairly. And don’t forget to follow up with the winner and announce the results to your audience.

A successful Instagram contest can increase your visibility and bring new attention to your brand. So go ahead, launch your Instagram giveaway, and watch your engagement and followers grow.

Let’s get started!

What Are Instagram Giveaways?

Instagram giveaways are contests that give companies the chance to reach more people, increase sales, raise awareness for their brand, and build relationships with customers.

A giveaway has a set time limit, and participants have the chance to win a prize.

To run an Instagram giveaway, you choose what you will be giving away, let your target audience know about the competition, and then announce the winner when the time is up.


Why Should You Host an Instagram Giveaway?

Running an Instagram giveaway can be a great way to promote your business and get more followers.

Studies have shown that businesses that host giveaways on their Instagram accounts end up growing their follower base 70% faster than those that don’t.

Their posts also receive 3.5 times as many likes, and 64 times as many comments compared to non-giveaway posts.

If you’re on the fence about hosting a giveaway, consider these benefits and make use of this powerful tool for growth and engagement!

Here are other reasons why you should host an IG giveaway:

1. Increase User Engagement and Exposure Through a Giveaway on Instagram

Consider running a giveaway if you want to increase engagement and the number of people who see your content. Ask people to like, comment on, or share the post for a chance to win.

This will get their attention and make them interact with the post, which increases the post’s visibility on Instagram. If it gets enough engagement, then Instagram will feature it on the Explore page.

2. Get More Instagram Followers Through Instagram Contest

Gaining more followers on Instagram is an effective way to increase your presence and reach. One strategy that can help is to host giveaways. This helps accounts grow up to 70% faster, making it an important tactic, especially for new brands.

3. Secure Collaboration with Influencers

Working with influencers can give you many advantages.

For example, it can help bring in new customers from influencers’ loyal followings.

To make the most of this kind of marketing, consider hosting giveaways and allowing people from different countries to enter.

4. Run an Instagram Giveaway to Collect User-Generated Content

Creating visuals on social media can be an effective way to promote a business. One way to increase user-generated visuals is to host photo contests or giveaways.

This can help build brand recognition by providing customers with a fun way to interact with your product, and it also serves as social proof for potential customers.

5. Increase Website Traffic

If you want to increase traffic to your website and Instagram account, hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great way to do it!

People love free stuff, so if you offer something for free, people will be more likely to take the extra steps required to enter your content. This means that you can expect an influx of new followers and increased engagement on your page.

If you want your Instagram giveaway to be successful, there are some important things to consider.

Make sure that the prize you offer is something people actually want, and ensure that the rules for entering the contest are simple and easy to understand.

To help draw more attention to your contest, add a link to the landing page in your bio and make sure it loads quickly on mobile devices.

By taking these steps, you can increase traffic to both your Instagram account and website with an Instagram giveaway!


When to Run an Effective Instagram Giveaway Contest?

Giving away free products and gifts is a great way to show appreciation to your followers on Instagram. Brands often use giveaways and contests as a way to showcase their new collections or partnerships.

For example, the company Birchbox holds Instagram giveaways every two months, with prizes such as gift cards or products from their store. These giveaways are usually timed with the launch of a new item or collaboration.

Running Instagram giveaways is a great way to generate excitement about new products and build a loyal following for your social media outlet.

Contests or giveaways can be tied to product launches or conducted regularly to entice followers to come back for more. Establishing this expectation of regular giveaways will help boost engagement with your posts.

How Often Should Brands Conduct Different Type of Instagram Giveaways?

Brands should conduct Instagram giveaways regularly to maximize their potential ROI. These posts can create a snowball effect of increased followers and traffic that are directed back to the brand’s site or funnel.

Running competitions and giving away prizes consistently is an effective content strategy that can help brands promote their products and services.

How Long Should a Social Media Marketing Giveaway Last?

When running an Instagram giveaway, it’s important to consider how long it should last. If your event is too short, you may miss out on potential participants and engagement.

Conversely, if your giveaway runs for too long, people might forget about it or choose not to enter.

It’s best to aim for a timeline that is somewhere in the middle—long enough for everyone to have a chance to enter, but short enough that people don’t forget about it.

Contests and giveaways usually last between one and two weeks. You can customize them to suit your content calendar.

To start an Instagram giveaway from scratch, you need to decide the prize, set entry rules and deadlines, create attractive visuals and captions, monitor entries and results, select the winners, and communicate the results with followers.

Steps to Run an Instagram Giveaway or Contest

Running an Instagram contest or giveaway campaign can be an effective way for an Instagram business to boost engagement and gain new followers. Here are some steps to running an Instagram contest:

  • First, identify the goals of the Instagram contest or giveaway campaign.
  • Second, choose a prize that aligns with the business and the target audience.
  • Third, create clear and concise rules for the contest and post them in the Instagram giveaway post.
  • Fourth, determine the duration of the contest and set a deadline for entries.
  • Fifth, promote the giveaway or contest through various channels, including email marketing, social media, and influencers.
  • Finally, measure the success of the contest by evaluating the engagement and participation of the audience.

It is important to release Instagram’s algorithm and follow the guidelines to avoid violating any rules. By following these steps, businesses can run an Instagram contest or giveaway campaign that engages their audience and increases brand awareness.

Now, let’s have a glance at the steps to running an Instagram giveaway in detail:

1. Determine a Goal

Choosing what you want your contest to accomplish is the first step in putting together an Instagram giveaway. If you don’t set a target, you’ll end up giving the prize away for nothing, which is great for your fans but bad for business.

Setting a goal is crucial to getting the most out of an Instagram giveaway because it has many uses.

Types of Goals

  • Maximize engagement on your Instagram posts and drive up followers.
  • Grow your email subscribers with attention-grabbing content.
  • Harness the power of user-generated content to generate buzz.
  • Draw an influx of visitors to your website and increase your business reach.
  • Drive sales of a specific product with strategic campaigns.
  • Build brand awareness for your business or new product launch with savvy marketing.
  • Inspire conversation and interaction around a specific hashtag and make it trend.

Setting goals for a giveaway is important in order to know what to do and how to do it. Depending on your goal, you may want to award a prize, create content, or do something else.

Be sure to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish before starting the giveaway.

2. Set Your Instagram Giveaway Rules & Entry Criteria

If you want to run an Instagram giveaway, you need to decide what your entry criteria will be. This means deciding what people should do in order to enter the giveaway.

There are different types of entry criteria that can help you meet certain goals:

  • Share this post to increase brand awareness and enter our giveaway!
  • Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our promotions and giveaways.
  • Follow us on social media to join our community and be the first to know about upcoming giveaways.
  • Leave a comment on this post to show your support and be part of the conversation.
  • Take part in our photo contest and get friends involved too; you can earn extra entries by tagging them in the comments section!
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #brandnamegiveaway to spread the word.

When you’re trying to reach a goal like increasing your website traffic, showcasing content on Instagram Stories, or gaining more Instagram followers, choosing the right conditions for entering is key.

It doesn’t make sense to ask people to join your newsletter if you want more Instagram followers. Make sure to pick the criteria that will help you reach your ultimate goal.

3. Collaborate with Brands & Influencers to Promote Your Instagram Giveaway

Working together with other brands and influencers can help get your giveaway more attention and make it more successful.

Make sure the brand or influencer you partner with is in the same area or shares the same values as you so that their followers know they can trust your giveaway.

This will help you grow your presence on Instagram and get even more people interested in what you have to offer.

When you collaborate with a brand for an Instagram giveaway, entrants must follow the accounts of both brands in order to be eligible.

Both entities will post about the contest on their accounts, allowing you to reach a larger and more engaged audience and boost your presence on Instagram.

4. Research Your Audience Before Choosing Instagram Giveaway Ideas

It’s important to get to know your followers when creating an Instagram giveaway. You can use ‘Insights’ within the Instagram app to see where your followers are from, their gender, and their age.

You should also take a look at how they interact with your content and what types of posts they respond to. This information can help you create a successful giveaway!


5. Decide on Giveaway Prize Ideas

When deciding what to give away in your Instagram giveaway, be sure to pick something that is exciting and appealing to your audience.

This could be a product, service, or experience – whatever it is, make sure the prize is relevant to the people who will enter your contest.

If you would like to work with another brand, think of one that your audience really loves. Think about what kinds of products or experiences would make your community happy. It could be something completely different for your industry.

6. Promote Your Instagram Contest with A Good Instagram Hashtag

Hashtags are useful on Instagram to help you find things quickly. Using popular hashtags can make your post show up in more people’s feeds, which means more people will see it and be able to enter your giveaway.

To make sure as many people as possible can find your post, choose hashtags that lots of people use.

Consider using these popular hashtags:

  • #giveaway
  • #giveawaycontest
  • #giveawaytime
  • #giveawayalert
  • #win
  • #winit

7. Decide the Duration of The Giveaway

As already mentioned above, when planning an Instagram giveaway, it’s important to decide how long the giveaway will last.

Options include one day, several days, one week, or two weeks. The duration you choose should be based on your specific goal and audience.

For big companies with a lot of fans, a 24-hour giveaway can be successful. But if you have a small following, it’s probably not long enough to promote your sweepstakes effectively.

You don’t want your giveaway to go on for too long because people might forget about it.

8. Close the Instagram Giveaway & Evaluate the Results

Once your Instagram giveaway has finished, it is important to carefully evaluate who participated and pick the lucky winner. You can use a tool to randomize the participants, ensuring fairness during the process.

Finally, don’t forget to announce the winner in your stories and let them know they won your giveaway!

To evaluate the success of your Instagram giveaway, it’s important to set clear goals right away. Check to see if you achieved what you wanted, like getting more followers, and measure the difference before and after the giveaway.

You can also use Instagram analytics to get even more information about the people who participated. This could include their location, when they are online, gender, and age.


List of Prize Ideas for Your Instagram Giveaways

When hosting an Instagram contest, it is important to offer a prize that is exciting, relevant to your audience, and valuable. Here are some ideas for prizes:

1. Gift Cards or Cash

Gift cards and cash are two of the most versatile gifts that can be given in any context. They are flexible and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for any occasion.

2. Product Prizes

If you are selling physical products, consider offering product prizes as a giveaway. This could be your own products, exclusive items, a year’s supply of items, or packages filled with products and treats.

3. Subscription-Related Prizes

If you’re looking for a way to get more people interested in your software, offering prizes like free subscriptions, upgraded memberships, consulting sessions, partnerships, and branded merchandise is a great way to do it.

These prizes can help increase your product exposure and give your customers something special.

4. Other Ideas

Entering an Instagram contest could bring you some amazing prizes, such as a home makeover, free cleaning services, and even luxurious experiences.

You could get gym memberships, workout plans, workout accessories, supplements, or even skydiving or hot air balloon rides!


Thus, running a giveaway on Instagram can be a great campaign to grow your Instagram feed and engage with your followers.

However, it is important to be aware of Instagram rules, such as asking followers to tag friends or share the giveaway on their personal feed.

To release Instagram’s full potential for business purposes, it’s important to understand the guidelines and restrictions set in place.

A giveaway can help you achieve your marketing goals, whether it’s reaching a new audience or promoting a new product. Host a contest that reflects your brand and fits your Instagram profile.

Choose a type of giveaway that resonates with your audience, such as a product giveaway or a photo contest.

Running a successful Instagram giveaway takes effort and creativity, but the benefits can be well worth it in terms of boosting your online presence and engaging with your followers.

Good Luck!

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