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Google had introduced a new ad feature that allows businesses to advertise on Google Map ads. With millions of people using the Google Maps app every day, this new feature has become an important tool for businesses to reach a wider audience.

By creating Google Maps ads, businesses can promote their products and services by appearing on the maps themselves, alongside search results.

These ads are different from local ads in that they include more information about the business, such as their business profile and local inventory.

  • This feature is particularly helpful for businesses that rely heavily on mobile search and those who want to attract customers who are nearby.
  • The ads can be created through a business page or business listing, making it easy for businesses to optimize their local ads.
  • This new feature is a great addition to Google’s search engine, as it helps businesses target their audience more effectively and, at the same time, helps users find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Now, let’s know in detail about this feature. Let’s get started!

Google Maps Ads: Meaning

In an age where convenience is a priority, businesses look for ways to connect with local customers. Google Maps Ads offers companies this chance, allowing them to tailor search results to their customers’ geographical areas.

When customers in the vicinity run a search, their phone can link up with GPS and provide them with a list of nearby relevant businesses.

This list includes ratings, hours of operation, and contact information—all at the customers’ fingertips. With Google Maps ads, businesses are helping their local customers find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently.

Google Maps ads are like PPCs (pay-per-click) ads that appear at the top of Google Map searches, regardless of location. This means they can help retailers easily reach customers near their businesses.

It lets you show people a map of your store, driving directions to get there, contact information, and even a link to your website.

This can help your business get more customers through the door, encourage them to call you, and give them information like reviews, store hours, and photos.

This way, they can find out more about your business and be encouraged to visit!

How Do Google Maps Ads Work?

Setting up an ad on Google Maps is easy; all you need to do is provide the right information about your business in the right location. This will help potential customers get more information about you and make it easier for them to locate you.

If you’re searching for a product or service, chances are you’re starting your search online. By entering a keyword, you can get a sense of what’s available nearby.

Your business and those of your competitors will pop up on Google Maps, providing an easy way to check out all the options near you.

This way, you can provide potential customers with the details they need to get in touch and learn more about what you have to offer. Streamlining this process will help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

google map ads

Features of Google Maps

1. Search Results Adverts

Google Maps gives people searching for businesses in their area the best options based on location and ratings. Businesses can also pay to be featured higher up in those search results, called sponsored map ad listings.

This helps companies stand out and get noticed more easily when someone uses Google Maps on their phone.

2. Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are a useful tool to help your business get noticed on Google Maps. When you add a pin, it will appear as a prominent square icon with your company logo on the map UI.

By making your listings stand out, customers will be more likely to click on them and view your services like pickup, delivery, or special offers.

3. In-Store Promotions

Shopping in-store can be great when it comes to finding the best deals. Promotions and discounts are a great way for customers to get what they want at the lowest price possible.

This kind of behavior drives our economy, as people always seek out the best value for their money. They enable customers to view and consider special offers, like coupons and discounts.

For instance, you can post attractive pins with details about deals in your store, which will help you attract more customers and gain the upper hand against competitors.

Benefits of Advertising on Google Maps

Google Maps has over a billion users each month, making it an ideal platform for your local business. Advertising on Google Maps offers two major advantages: increased visibility and more foot traffic to your store.

Take advantage of this opportunity and promote your business with Google Maps today!

Here are some of the benefits of advertising on Google Maps:

1. Update Your Audience for Any Offers and Promotions

Are you looking for an effective way to share your business’s promotions and offers? Look no further than Google Maps!

  • Businesses can keep their customers informed with images, offers, and promotions that both attract and engage their target audiences.
  • Google Maps provides the perfect platform through which businesses can showcase their brand’s personality while simultaneously providing potential customers with all the information they need to make well-informed decisions.
  • From in-store visits to online deals, everything is easily organized and communicated on one convenient platform.
  • It provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression on their customers.

Stay ahead of your competitors and leverage the power of Google Maps for yourself. Create visually appealing content that will capture the attention of your target demographic and help boost sales from online orders and in-store visits.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity; start using Google Maps today!

2. Amplify the Traffic

Google Maps ads can boost your store’s success by encouraging people to visit. According to research, people are more likely to respond to ads and take action when they are out and about.

So using these ads can be a great way to get more customers. Google has made it easier for shoppers to find what they need in their local area.

This new type of shopper, referred to as ‘phygital’ workers, often takes time out of the day to get out and shop. Marketers can use specialized ads to reach these customers when they are actively looking for items nearby.

3. Come up In Local Search Results

For businesses to be successful, it is important for them to show up in local search results. When people are looking for a service or product nearby, they usually start by searching on Google.

If a business isn’t listed on Google Maps, it could miss out on many potential customers who are actively searching for services online.

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How to Advertise Ads on Google Maps?

1. Setting Up

Advertise on Google Maps by following these easy steps. First, go to the “Extensions” section in Google Ads and click on the appropriate link. Then, fill out your profile information and the ad’s display permission.

Finally, provide local contact numbers and other important details so that customers can reach you.

2. Using the Location Extension

You can advertise on Google Maps by linking your search ads to your Google My Business profile using the Location Extension.

Just click the extensions menu on the left-hand side panel and hit the plus sign button to begin setting up your local extension. Then select your Google My Business profile, and you’re done!

3. Setting up Location Targeting

To make sure your ad appears in the right places, set up location targeting. Choose the search campaign you want to edit and click on locations from the menu on the left. This way, your ad can show up where you want it to.

You can specify the place you want to target by either selecting a location or adding a radius. Pick the area you’re interested in and specify if it’s a country, city, or region. Then choose a distance unit to set the center of your location and radius.

4. Assess & Optimize

Congratulations on launching your ad! To make sure it succeeds, you should monitor its performance. Log into your Google Ads account and use the clicks, impressions, and conversion data to measure how well your campaign is doing.

To get a general idea of how your ads are doing, go to the Campaigns section in your Google Ads account. You’ll find helpful stats such as conversion rate, average CPC, cost per conversion, and more.

To check on your extensions, choose Ads & Extensions then Extensions – this page tells you how each location extension is doing. With this information, you can decide if an ad needs improvement and make changes accordingly.

How Does Google Show the Local Search Ads?

Google uses many signals to decide which ads will show up in your search results. These signals consider things like location, previous searches, and interests you have expressed online.

By considering these factors, Google can ensure that each person sees the ads that best fit their needs.

  • Google uses sophisticated algorithms to select ads based on a user’s search query and intent.
  • The location and search history of the user are also taken into account when selecting ads.
  • Google also considers common interests, behavioral factors, demographic information, and the specific time of day when choosing which ads to display.
  • The goal is to present personalized ads that are most likely to be relevant to the user.
  • Through its AdWords platform, advertisers can target their audience more precisely by customizing ad campaigns for particular criteria.
  • Ultimately, Google strives to deliver ads that are meaningful and engaging to users.

Thus, the ads should match the customer’s search, so you need to put in a location and carefully pick out related keywords for each ad. To make sure your ads show up, get all the settings ready on Google Ads.



Thus, Google Map Ads is an essential tool in the digital advertising world. With promoted pins, businesses can reach customers at a specific location and increase their visibility.

By utilizing Google Search and Google Business Profile, businesses can improve their online presence and further their reach.

Business on Google Maps also allows customers to easily find necessary information such as business addresses, hours, and reviews.

Additionally, Google Shopping and Local Inventory Search make it easier for customers to find the necessary products they are looking for.

Running ads through paid search ensures that businesses can appear at the top of search results. Overall, Google Map Ads provides businesses with a comprehensive and effective advertising solution.

Good Luck!

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