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To display your skills with Google Analytics, one option is to gain recognition of analytics skills from Google itself. Google provides getting a certificate in the analytics program.

Getting certified in Google Analytics could boost your job opportunities and also prove your capabilities with this service.

This article will explain more about Google Analytics accreditation, advantages it has, and how to take the exam and gain it.

You’ll also find recommendations for other certifications that can help your professional occupation or career in digital marketing.


What Is the Google Analytics Certificate?

Google Analytics certification should not be mistaken for the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. People can have the certificate by passing Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam (GAIQ).

It is provided at no cost through Google Skillshop. Achieving the certificate reveals that the individual has an amazing understanding of the fundamental and advanced features of Google Analytics.

What Is Google Analytics?

Using Google Analytics is a no-cost web analysis. Internet metric service used by business owners and advertisers to log and broadcast metrics on their websites.

Being an important part of today’s digital promotion and e-commerce, Google Analytics is applied for fundamental data assessment. It includes monitoring a website’s internet movement, session length, and abandonment rate.

This information is utilised to refine the user experience on a business’s website. Also, to support digital marketing endeavours using Google ads and leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results.

There is a fee-based edition of this service, Google Analytics 360. It provides special analytics attributes like improved stats and the ability to run advanced analytics.

Google Analytics Exam

Taking the Google Analytics exam is free. There are 70 questions chosen at random from a large batch and one has a time allotment of 90- minute.

To pass you must answer at least 56 questions correctly, quickly learning afterward whether you have passed or not. To maintain certification, the exam must be retaken within one year.

This is a conclusion of the examination:

At no cost to you, the exam lasts for 1.5 hours with 70 questions to answer; 80% correct responses are necessary in to pass and it remains valid for a period of 12 months.

What Happens if You Fail the Google Analytics Exam?

It sometimes happens. If you don’t pass the exam, then you must wait a day before attempting it once more. After the 24 hours have gone by, you can come back and sit for the test again.

Furthermore, there are no consequences for not passing the certification exam (besides having to wait until your next try).

How to Study for the Exam?

Google has many materials available to prepare for the exam. There is the Google Analytics Academy provided by Google which has a host of free classes which may be taken at your own speed.

Google suggests taking the following classes before attempting the exam:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics

Most of these courses consists of video lessons (although if you’d like, you can also go through the lessons in written form). If this is your first time attempting the exam, you should take some time to explore Google Analytics and become usual to the interface and all its reports, it will make things easier.

Yet, if you do not have access to an authentic Google Analytics account, make certain that you have access to the Google Analytics demonstration account.

google marketing certification test

What are the Exam Questions Like?

All the questions are multiple-choice questions, so you have to pick the most accurate from the options available.

The subject matter of these questions ranges from fundamental concepts, and components present in specific documents to more specialized themes such as browser cookies and how tracking codes work.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Google Analytics Certification?

You’ll get an attractive certificate that you’re able to print and put on your wall. You can put that you’re competent in Google Analytics on your resume. Also, incorporate it as a certification to your LinkedIn profile.

You can even opt to share a link so people can authenticate that you’ve finished the test.

Furthermore, the true advantage of being a certified Google Analytics individual is having the opportunity to show your interest and skills for this amazing instrument.

In conclusion, becoming a Google Analytics professional isn’t all about taking an exam – it’s also about getting stuck in and putting the program into action.

Definitely take the examination to support how skillful you are. Yet additionally, be sure that you understand how to use it and improve your capabilities.

How to Sit for The Exam?

To get started, visit Google Skillshop. If you already have a profile, log in and you’ll be ready. Yet, if this is your first time with Google Skillshop, make your account.

After you have accessed Google Skillshop, look for ‘Google Analytics Individual Qualification’ and then pick ‘Exam’ to start the test.

Wishing you success!

Google Analytics Certification Worth

Google Analytics Certification is free to obtain. You will need to pass an exam with a score of 80% or better to receive a certificate, however some third-party providers may offer courses to help you prepare for the exam at a cost.

Self-paced courses typically cost around $90 while instructor-led courses can be more expensive, ranging from $500 and up.

How to Get Google Analytics Certification?

Step 1: Sign up For Google Partners

The first step is to sign up for Google Partners. It is the virtual platform used by Google to interact and collaborate with digital marketers and agencies.

Individuals hoping to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) need to register as members of Google Partners.

Step 2: Prepare

To become GAIQ certified, you must have a broad familiarity with digital analytics as well as the Google Analytics toolkit.

As a start, refer to Google’s own directions and courses. They are useful for those new and experienced with the Google Analytics platform.

Step 3: Complete the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (gaiq) Test

Since the GAIQ exam provides part by part, you are allowed to take it part by part.

To get going:

  • Head to Google Partners
  • Press “Certifications”
  • Press “See exams”
  • Hover over an exam section and hit “Exam Details”
  • Tap on “Take Exam”

The exam will then start in your web browser. As soon as you start the quiz, a timer counting down 90 minutes begins immediately. It is impossible to pause this timer until the survey comes to an end.

For successful passing of the examination, a score of 80% or more is mandatory. If unsuccessful, you must wait for a day before to attempting it again.

After passing, you will get an individual GAIQ certification. Your Google Partners profile changes to say you have the accreditation.

Google Analytics Training

Get Certified in Google Analytics

Thus, is it worth the effort and time to get certified? In conclusion, absolutely.

During your prep for the examination you are likely to get useful analytical acumen. This is more than you would if you merely use the program.

You can then share your comprehensive understanding of certain Google Analytics functions with your boss and workmates.

This will get you identified as a proficient web analyst. This should offer employment possibilities or guarantee job security considering this role is currently sought-after.

To optimize SEO, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, analytics must be the base. If this isn’t enough to persuade you then recall that you’ll have the capacity to show your enthusiasm (and insights) for analytics to anyone else who desires to learn.

Good luck!

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