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Digitalization has seen the shift of the web towards visual content. The major reason behind this is that visual content is likely to capture the attention of the readers more compellingly.

Through such content, the viewers can easily understand several aspects of your work. They can even retain the information for a longer period with the help of motion graphics, which form images in their minds.

Hence, you can breathe life into your projects and campaigns by incorporating photos and videos into them. The users may require videos for presentations, websites, or other online purposes. 

Several statistics that show the importance of video content are as follows:

  • According to research, approximately 46% of the users said that they use videos in their online accounts.
  • According to another survey, approximately 54% of people agree that they like to watch videos from brands and companies. So in case you do not use videos for digital marketing, it is high time that you do so.
  • Another report of 2021 shows how people get convinced to purchase products by seeing videos of the brand. Approximately 8 out of 10 people may purchase your products if you pursue digital marketing with the help of videos.

Hence, these figures show the importance of the videos in attracting the target audience towards your business or brand.

Several other reasons that show the importance of including videos in your online campaigns include:

  • Visual content is likely to retain the attention of your viewers.
  • You can easily express different emotions with the help of visual content. These emotions include achievement, pain, joy, happiness, celebration, caution, etc. It is comparatively difficult to express all such feelings with the help of texts.
  • Videos are likely to explain better than words. Also, they can explain a topic more quickly than the text.
  • Videos improve the quality of your presentation or campaign. There is less possibility for the viewers to get bored while watching videos as compared to reading texts and headlines.

However, despite the above reasons, many people do not include videos in their presentations or projects. What is the reasoning behind it? These people may face several problems before choosing the required videos for their projects.

One of the major problems is that finding good-quality and appropriate videos is expensive. So if this is one of your problems—integrating videos and motion graphics into your content—then this article is ideally meant for you.

In this article, we will show you a list that consists of several free stock video footage websites. These video websites are one of the best options for getting access to videos in HD in 4K.

You may use these videos for advertising, marketing, many options in free for personal and commercial use. This means you can integrate the videos downloaded from the stock websites into your social media accounts, blogs, or other online handles.

All credit for such websites goes to the community of videographers. Videographers produce huge amounts of video content. Due to this, stock websites can regularly update their libraries.

These websites provide content to the users in the form of YouTube reels, small videos from social media accounts, or even huge professional footage. So if you do not have the required skills to shoot videos, you can make use of the free stock websites.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Any Stock Video Website

These factors may include several questions like:

  • The number of videos available on the stock video website.
  • Are the videos on the platform free? Or do they require any royalties or requirements for giving credit to the creators?
  • Do you need to sign up on the platform to download its videos?
  • Does the platform have an easy-to-use and intuitive interface?
  • What are the categories of the videos present on the platform?
  • Are the videos focused more on the location or the culture of the website?
  • Does the platform have a responsive search bar with different filtering options? These filtering options help the users search for videos based on categories, locations, payment structures, etc.
  • Do you require attribution to download or redistribute the content of the platform?
  • Can you edit or modify the videos on the platform and use them in your content?

Once you have considered all the above factors of a stock video website, you can choose the ideal platform required by your business or brand.

Terms that Can Help You Know the Usage of Free Stock Video Clips

Have you ever thought about how to use the free stock video clips legally?

Different platforms have their respective terms and conditions for the usage of the free stock video clips. To understand the terms and conditions correctly, you must know the terminology related to them.

Here are certain terms that can help you with this:

Royalty-Free Content

Royalty free content is one of the most common types of content that you may come across on different websites. The users get full access to royalty-free videos once they download them.

You can use these videos an unlimited number of times and for any purpose you want. Although you are free to share and adapt, the content is royalty-free, you should know that other people also have access to it.

So they may also use the same content, which can decrease the uniqueness of your presentation or campaign.

Rights Managed Videos

Rights-managed content is more restrictive as compared to royalty-free content. Under this content, different types of videos may have different terms and conditions.

You need to adhere to all these conditions. These guidelines can include the number of times the video can be used, crediting requirements, or the purposes for which you can use it.

However, rights-managed content generally comes with a price tag, unlike royalty-free content. It also has a Creative Commons licence.

Now let us have a glance at the different free stock video websites that can help you for various purposes. These video websites will help you take advantage of the growing visual content on the web.

List of Best Free Stock Video Websites in 2023

1. Coverr, free stock video site


With a plethora of free stock videos, Coverr generally provides clips for your page background or Facebook cover picture. You can look through the site’s library to find free stock videos.

A new video or clip is uploaded each Monday on the video platform. Once you select a clip for your social media or online campaign, you can preview it by clicking on it.

  • The platform provides looping clips to its users.
  • All the clips are of coverr have HD stock quality.
  • Not only this, but to make the process of searching for the clips easy, the software has instructional videos.
  • The coded snippet also helps the users in this process.
  • The website has different types of clips, like cinematic, time-lapse, and aerial clips. You can use these videos for different projects or purposes.

The process of using the clip on your website is quite simple. All you need to do is click on the video clip and use it on your website. No sign-up fees or attribution is required in this process.

Another aspect of the clips on this software include the zoom virtual backgrounds. These backgrounds can replace your messy backgrounds to provide a good user experience for video conferencing to your users.

2. Videezy


With diverse categories of video clips, you can use Videezy to satisfy your video requirements for different purposes. The platform has many free 4K stock videos, which you can download and use in your campaigns.

Users may download these video clips for commercial as well as personal purposes. However, you are required to give credit to the platform when you use their videos in your projects.

  • Besides the 4K video clips, you can get access to a variety of HD-quality videos.
  • The 4K clips include landscapes, aerial footage, and abstract clips.
  • The videos on the site also have MP4 formats. The user can view the resolution of each video before downloading it. This resolution is available below the preview on the download page.
  • Moreover, the platform also has some sponsored videos from Shutterstock. These videos are available in the first two rows of the search column.

If you select any video, then you should look out for its payment structure. Generally, the videos available on the platform are free.

However, some of the videos also contain green protag. The videos with the Pro Tag contain high-quality footage. They are available in exchange for a fee.

You need to subscribe to a membership plan to download these clips.

3. Pond5

With an employee base of more than 70, Pond5 is one of the largest website for free stock video to use across the globe. The platform provides royalty-free video clips to its users. 

These users can use the videos for their social media campaigns or website backgrounds. The content provided on this software is unique and appealing.

You can even become a paid member of the website. The paid members earn earnings for their video content. Once you become a paid member, you will receive 50% of the earnings from your video clips.

The remaining 50% is kept by the platform as their fee. Pond5 takes a fee because the platform helps you get buyers for your videos.

The videos on this stock video website are available in different categories. Several categories may include sunset, animals, waterfalls, medical, nature, vintage locations, etc.

The users also receive different options for their videos: 4K option, flexible HD quality, and standard SD option.

4. Pexels, download best stock images


Initially, Pexels was a free website meant for free images only. However, with time, the software has also added several free HD videos to its library. The videos available on this website are even sourced from other platforms.

  • One of the best aspects of Pexels is its preview option. You can easily view the video clips while surfing before downloading them. This helps you know whether you are choosing the right video or not.
  • The search function also makes it easy for users to find videos according to their purpose.
  • All the videos on the software have pixels that make them appear attractive.

One of the best aspects of this video software that makes it different from the rest is the feature of the CCO licence.This feature allows users to even edit their video clips according to their preferences.

They can easily edit the video clips for professional or personal purposes without even seeking permission for the same. This allows users to make the most of their creativity.

Hence, you can search the list of the most popular videos on the website to use its on-demand videos.

5. Bigstock, free video website

As the name suggests, Big Stock is a free stock website with a huge collection of video clips. The video clips available on this platform can help users with their various projects.

To search for the required videos, you can use the filtering functions. The users may even directly type the name of their keyword and search for it.

However, the software does not provide a huge variety of free videos to the users. Before using the software, you can opt for a seven-day free trial. The trial also provides only 35 free videos to the users.

6. Life of Vids

Life of Vids is a free stock video website that gets its collection from an advertising agency. This advertising agency is situated in Canada. You can easily use a variety of clips, loops, and stock videos from the platform.

These videos do not have any copyright restrictions. However, if you want to redistribute these video clips to other sites, then the number is limited to 10 videos.

You can easily download the high-resolution videos on this website. All you need to do is click on the Vimeo logo option and select the download button. The Vimeo logo option is available on the bottom right corner of the screen.

The stock of videos on Life of Vids is quite intriguing. You can use these videos for different purposes on your social media platforms or other digital platforms. The software also adds new collections of videos to its library weekly.

7. Videvo 


If you are looking for unique video clips that do not have a given format, then Videvo is the right platform for you. Videvo offers thousands of free stock video for users with some of the best content and motion graphics.

The huge library of the platform also consists of several HD quality video clips and footages. A small collection of 4K videos is also found on Videvo.

Another feature of Videvo is that it provides users with video clips that have different qualities. Some video clips may be professional. However, others may be shot on a tripod. You can receive both MP4-quality formats and QuickTime formats on the software.

Just like other video sites, Videvo also has thumbnails from other platforms. One such platform is Shutterstock, which charges users for using the videos. Once you download any video clip from the platform, you will find out that it has three licences.

These licences include:

1. Royalty-Free Stock

This is the most common licence. As the name suggests, under this licence, you can use the video clip for free. The users do not even need to give credit to the creator for using his or her video.

However, the only requirement is that you need to edit the video clip before using it. You may edit the video clip by adding your business logo, title, music, or some part of your project to it.

2. The Videvo Attribution

Under this type of licence, the users can use the video clips on the platform for free. However, they need to give credit to the creator of the video.

The licensing guidelines of this plan instruct the users about the processes through which they can credit the creator of the video.

You may simply type the name of the creator beneath the video to credit him or her. However, just like the royalty-free licence, you cannot redistribute the clip without editing it.

You need to edit it in some way or another.

3. The Creative Commons 3.0 Unported

This licence is similar to the Video Attribution licence of the software. However, the only point of difference is that under the Creative Commons licence, you are ready to redistribute your clip in its original form. But the users cannot sell the clip in its original form.

When you use the video clips under this licence, you need to give credit to the creator of the clip.

If you want to use this platform for free stock videos, then you can check out its licences in detail. The details of different licences is available in the ‘licences and usage’ section. Each video has this section beside it.

8. Depositphotos

With a variety of stock videos in different categories, you can use Depositphotos to get video clips. You can use these video clips on television, the Internet, or for advertising.

The clips may be available in different categories like beauty, health, nature, locations, technology, animals, etc.

To streamline the process of searching for relevant videos, you can use the search option. The search option will help you find suitable videos based on the keywords you type in.

Not only this, but you can also opt for live support if you face any difficulty navigating through the website.

With so many features, you may use deposit photos to get free stock videos for different purposes. The software has an easy sign-up process. It also has an easy to use interface.

Moreover, people who know several languages can also use the website. This is because the website is compatible with numerous languages like Spanish, Dutch, English, French, etc.

9. Splitshire

With a great variety of free stock videos, Splitshire has been created only by one person. Though the platform primarily focuses on images, it also has a library of some enticing free videos.

You can use these videos for different purposes, like your social media handles or other digital platforms.

Not only this, but the users may test the videos by downloading them. Once you download the videos, you can upload them to different platforms.

These videos may be available in different categories, like Nature and Outdoors. 

One of the best aspects of the videos of splitshire is consistency and style. All the videos of the platform have a consistent style with uniformity in their styles.

The reason behind this is simply that the platform is handled by a single person. The credibility of the website is evident from the fact that it has received more than 2,000,000 downloads to date.

10. Xstock video

With a variety of versatile videos, you can use Xstock Video to get free stock videos for different purposes. The platform has more than 90,000 members.

These members get access to more than 600 stock videos and can download them umpteen times. The videos on Xstock video are available in nine categories. They have HD footage, and you can preview the video clips before downloading them.

Different categories may range from simple time-lapse videos to complex science videos. Generally, the videos available on this platform are free to use.

However, if you want video clips for professional or commercial purposes, then you need to purchase a licence. The licence is available at a minimum price.

This price helps the website employ people and share more free stock videos with its audience. If you like the platform, then you may even become a paid contributor.

All you need to do is to fill a legal form for the same.

11. Pixabay


With a plethora of high-quality stock footage, Pixabay is another popular free stock video software. The software has more than thousands of video clips for users that are shared by its community members.

All the videos on the platform are free to use for different purposes. You may use the videos for commercial, professional, or personal use.

  • One of the best aspects of the platform is that it does not require any attribution from the users to provide them with stock videos.
  • it does not require users to sign up or create an account. However, if you want to interact with the help of comments or like the videos, then you need to create an account on the platform.
  • It has easy to use interface.
  • The software allows you to add different effects to your videos.
  • You may use slow motion or time-lapse effects and even search the videos by their categories.

Hence, all you need to do is search for a video and download it. Before downloading the video, users can preview it. You can also select different options, like HD or 4K downloads.

However, before searching the videos, you should be careful about the sponsored videos. The sponsored videos are available from Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is a paid stock video website that will require you to pay a fee to receive videos.

12. VidsPlay

With a wide variety of HD footages, VidsPlay is a completely free stock video website. This website provides users with new content and videos every week.

Being an easy to use website, the users can easily navigate through the site to download their videos. 

There are more than 100 videos available for free download in different categories. You can always search for the popular or not so popular video categories to add to your social media accounts and other online handles.

Hence, you can download the clips without paying any royalties on VidsPlay.

13. Motion Elements

With a library of more than 3,000,000 videos, Motion Elements is another stock video website. However, out of these videos, you need to specifically search for the free videos in the “free stock footage” section.

The number of free videos on the platform are more than 4000. These videos may include 360 clips, animated backgrounds, or HD live-action footage.

  • To search for free or different categories of videos, you can use the search bar. The search bar is located at the top of the homepage of the website. It also displays different categories to make the searching process easy for users.
  • Not only this, but to streamline your search, the platform provides you with filter options. You can filter your search based on resolution, genres, categories, etc.

However, one of the disadvantages of the platform is its difficult to navigate interface. People who want to look for particular videos, like free videos, may face difficulty finding them.

This is because most of the videos include a charge or fee along with them. Another disadvantage is that users can only download one free clip from a single email address. But if you sign up on the platform, then you get access to five free clips for a week.

14. Stock Footage for Free

The name of the website itself explains its purpose. The software has very high-quality free stock videos to download. It is similar and is the video version of the free stock photo website Unsplash.

The reason behind this similarity is that the software focuses more on the quality of the videos than on their quantity. It is due to this reason that the video clips on the platform are quite appealing, with different looping backgrounds or landscapes.

  • One of the best aspects of Stock footage for free is that it provides the users with a detailed description of the videos. Hence, users can easily know the video quality and its category before downloading it.
  • The high-quality videos of the software are available in movie format.
  • The detailed licence agreement of the videos allows the users to get information about all the legal matters before using the video.

In the absence of such a feature, users may download huge files. Once the file sizes are downloaded, if you do not like them, you will likely get annoyed. Hence, a detailed description prevents such circumstances from arising.

You may not be able to find 4K clips on this platform. So you may download HD videos in movie format for your professional or personal use.

All you need to do to download video files is sign up for the platform. You can also log in using your Facebook account. In case of any query, you can always connect with the customer support of the website.

15. Free Nature Stock

 As the name of this free stock video website suggests, free nature stock provides a stock of videos of nature. One outstanding feature of this video website is that all the content present on it is free to use. You may use this content for professional or personal campaigns.

Most of the videos have a duration of about 30 seconds. The quality of these videos is at least HD, if not up to 4K. However, the platform does not have a huge library or collection of free stock videos.

But whatever it has, it is quite attractive and beautiful. Different types of videos may include those of water, snow, rainfall, waterfalls, fire, stars, greenery, trees, etc.

With so many features, you can take full advantage of this completely free stock video website.

16. Motion Places

The name of this stock video website is self-explanatory. It explains how Motion Places provides free stock videos to users related to different places all over the globe.

Hence, the platform has some eye-catching and appealing pictures of historical sites, landscapes, deserts, or other such locations.

  • To search for different categories of videos, you can make use of the search bar on the website.
  • The searching process is made simpler with the help of various filter options.
  • The users may search based on different colours, seasons, or places.
  • Motion Places also has a “featured clips” option. Under this option, you can view the popular footage. If you like any video clip, you can download it.

All you need to do is sign up on the platform to download the videos. The videos are in HD quality and are free to download. You may use the free videos for different purposes, like commercial projects, personal needs, or editorial campaigns.

However, attribution is required to use these videos.

The software also has 4K clips. You can purchase these video clips for $99. No attribution is required in the case of 4K videos.

17. Mixkit


With an easy to use and clean user interface, Mixkit is another free stock video website on our list. The platform is very easy to navigate, even for people using it for the first time.


  • The homepage allows these users to preview different video clips and footage.
  • If you like any video, you can download it from several categories.
  • The software is updated regularly to provide new videos on different topics to the users.
  • The advantage of the platform is that all its video clips are HD and completely free to use.
  • The users may even sign up for the newsletter of the platform. The newsletter notifies the users about the newly uploaded clips.
  • Mixkit uploads 10 new clips every week for its audience.

18. Beachfront B-Roll

With a quite detailed description of each video, Beachfront B-Roll is another free stock video website. The video clips and footage on the software are free to use and do not require any attribution.

You can look out for different categories of videos. The topics may range from nature to technology to holidays, etc.

If you like any video, you can view it on YouTube. This is because all the videos of the software are posted on YouTube. So once you click on the thumbnail, you will be directed to the YouTube page.

This makes it easy for the viewers to thoroughly know about the video before downloading it. In the absence of this feature, if you do not like the video, then after downloading its huge file, you may get annoyed.

Besides the YouTube video hosting, Beachfront B-Roll also provides information in detail about the videos. This information includes the type of camera that shot the video, the video size, etc.

However, one of the disadvantages of the platform is the absence of a search feature. Since it does not have any search bar, it becomes difficult for the users to search for particular categories of video.

You will have to scroll through its library to find the ideal video of your requirements and tastes.

19. Dissolve 

 No matter for which purpose you are searching a video, Dissolve will provide you with it. The software has numerous video clips and footage in different categories.

With more than 1.3 million stock video clips, Dissolve is a popular stock video website. Different producers, editors, filmmakers, and other categories of people can use dissolve to search for video clips for their purposes.

To search for a video, you can make use of the search bar. All you need to do is type your category or a keyword in the search bar. Once you search for a video clip, thousands of options will appear on the screen.

Each video clip has a description. The description helps the users to know about it before downloading its huge size. The description also conveys information related to the video, like the camera on which it was shot, its scenery, and the place where it was shot.

With all such information, the users can be satisfied before downloading the video clips. They will not have to waste their time and efforts downloading the video and deleting it later.

20. Motion Array

With a library of more than 150,000 video clips and footages, Motion Array is a popular free stock video website. The platform includes content in the form of stock motion graphics and videos.

However, not all the videos on the platform are available for free. You can easily search for free videos in different categories using the search option and filtering elements.

All you need to do is type the name of your category or the keyword in the search bar. You can receive the results of the related videos in milliseconds.

Once you find a suitable video, you can preview it from the search result page itself. By clicking on the video, users can also gain access to more information about it.

If you like the video, you can download it and use it for an unlimited number of campaigns and purposes. As claimed by the platform, you can use its footage for local advertisements or even Hollywood movies.

No matter what your purpose, the software does not require any additional fees from the users. Due to this feature, it has a great user base. All you need to do to download the videos is sign up on the platform.

Once you have a free account, you can download an unlimited number of videos.

21. Open Footage

Open Footage, a versatile stock video website, has a variety of videos in different categories. The platform provides users with video clips, time-lapse footage, and even panoramas.

To search for videos according to your category, you can use the searching option. Each video or clip comes with a description. This description includes tags and locations, another feature of the videos.

Hence you can use open footage to download free stock video websites. The software has been created by four people.

22. Clipstill 

Clipstill is a quite different free stock video website on our list. The reason behind this difference is that the software does not provide free stock videos to the users.

Rather, the platform has a library of royalty-free cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are not videos but are moving pictures.

The cinematography available on Clipstill can be used by other users for different purposes. They may use it for their websites, blogs, social media, or even digital marketing processes.

Hence, the software provides users with video content for their online presence. You can even join its newsletter to receive regular updates related to the new stock of “Free Cinemagraphs.”

23. Ignite Motion

As the name of the software suggests, Ignite Motion is primarily focused on animated motion backgrounds. It provides a plethora of free animated motion backgrounds in HD quality to the users. You may use these backgrounds for professional or personal purposes.

Ignite Motion is one of the best applications for users who want to create their videos along with written material. You can use the background of the platform and add text or statistics to it. A moving background provides a compelling impact on users.

To search for the relevant video backgrounds according to your purpose, you can use the search bar. The filter option also helps make your searching process easier.

Besides the search bar, the platform also has a holiday video section. Under this section, a variety of backgrounds are available related to several holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc.

If you like any video, then you can view it on YouTube. This is because all the videos on the platform are hosted on YouTube. This enables users to have a look at and preview videos before downloading them in their large size.

Once you are satisfied with the video, you can download it without worrying about its performance.

24. Dareful 

If you are more focused on the quality of the video clips than the quantity, then Dareful is an ideal application for you. The stock videos or footage on this platform have 4K quality. The users may use these videos for different purposes only if they give them attribution.

However, the library or collection of high-quality videos on Dareful is quite small. The platform is striving to add new videos to it. You can easily search out for the videos according to your preferences from its library.

If you like a video, you can download it. However, the users need to sign up on the platform before downloading the video clip. You can download the clip for free without giving any credit to the creator of the footage.

But before downloading, it is necessary to watch the video. The videos on the platform are hosted on Vimeo. Watching the videos before downloading them will help you know whether the video is compatible with your requirements or not.

It will also prevent you from wasting your time downloading a large video that is not useful for you.

25. Videoblocks

With a huge variety of different video clips and footage, Videoblocks is a video website. The site has a library of several kinds of videos. You can find time-lapse clips, aerial videos, or even standard B-roll footage.

The video clips on the platform represent different situations, environments, and scenes.

If you want to download free videos on Videoblocks, you can opt for its 7-day free trial. Their trial allows the users to make a download of five files.

To search for the files based on their categories, you can use the search option. Other filtering elements of the search bar help to streamline your searching process and find the ideal project according to your campaign.

26. FOCA

FOCA consists of a plethora of free videos and footage that can be used for various purposes. You may use the videos from this platform for your blogs, templates, website, and even different social media handles.


  • The platform has videos for different types of campaigns and projects, and you are likely to fulfill your purpose after visiting it.
  • Once you like any video, you can download it. After downloading it, you may keep the videos for use in the future.
  • One of the best aspects of FOCA is that it allows the users to use the videos without any attribution.
  • You can even redistribute the content of the platform.

27. is a video making platform. However, the software has a huge stock of stock videos used for free. It is for this reason that we have included it as one of the best free stock video websites on our list.

So you may use your creative skills to create videos on the platform. On the other hand, different users and visitors can also get free stock videos for their commercial or personal purposes.

You can create videos for these users and upload them instantly.

28. Cute Stock Footage

With a wide range of stock video clips, you can find stock videos free of charge for your purposes on this platform. This software has graphic or motion video footage as well.

You can search for the videos in the search bar. If you like any video, you may preview it. The preview option allows the users to have a look at the video before downloading it. This saves them from the hectic process of deleting huge files after downloading them.

The videos present on this software have HD footage and 4K quality as well. Not only this, but the software also has an index that connects it to other websites.

This index allows them to find textures, audio effects, icons, font sizes, etc. on other websites.


So this was our list of sites for free stock video websites for great footage. Each website has its advantages and disadvantages. However, you may choose the software that aligns with the requirements of your business or brand.

A video platform that is suitable for one company may not be suitable for another. Moreover, the choice of your video website also depends on the category or niche of the site.

For example, if you want graphic motions and videos that are primarily about nature, free nature stock is an excellent resource. Stock Footage For Free, on the other hand, may be suitable software for your needs if you are more concerned with high-quality videos.

Similarly, Ignite Motion provides users with moving backgrounds. The users can use these backgrounds and place texts on them to make their text look more engaging.

Hence, the website that you choose depends on your purpose.

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