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English Language Quiz 94 for IBPS PO

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Directions (Q. 1-5):  Rearrange the following seven sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F) and (G) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.
A) In a way, you could call that to success because there are no failures in your life.
B) Because as they say, failure is the first step to success.
C) But at times you may feel you have neither failed nor succeeded.
D) But if you are the kind of person who owns failure and analyses it, then you are a winner.
E) True, you have to take failure in the right spirit like those great achievers in history who took it as a challenge.
F) What is success ? Can we take the opposite of failure as success ?
G) No one is safe from failure.

1. Which of the following is the  FIFTH sentence after rearrangement ?
1) E 2) C 3) G 4) D 5) B

2. Which of the following sentence is the  SECOND sentence after rearrangement ?
1) B 2) C 3) D 4) F 5) E

3. Which of the following sentence is the LAST (SEVENTH)sentence after rearrangement ?
1) A 2) C 3) E 4) G 5) B

4. Which of the following sentence is the FIRST sentence after rearrangement ?
1) F 2) C 3) E 4) D 5) G

5. Which of the following sentence is the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement ?
1) F 2) C 3) A 4) G 5) B

Directions (Q. 6-10): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there  is ‘No error’, the answer is 5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, If any).

6. 1) Though the possibility of a cold war is been projected / 2) a war-weary west would do well / 3) to address this threat through diplomatic channels by imposing sanctions and bans / 4) and not use force on the ground. / 5) No error.

7. 1) The children of a number of prominent celebrities / 2) who have kept away from the spiritual art  / 3) of ‘secular reasons’ are persuading their parents / 4) to join the art gallery. / 5) No error.

8. 1) It is the timing / 2) that makes the move suspicious / 3) because any such step would be seen / 4) appeasing a powerful community. / 5) No error

9. 1) A few days later / 2) he got another jolt / 3) when his job application / 4) was rejected by his friend’s company / 5) No error

10. 1) Many a time, failure happens not / 2) because of your ‘inability’ / 3) but because of inability of the recruiter / 4) to see the potential in you. / 5) No error

Answers :-

(1-5) F C A G D B E
1.4 ,   2.2 ,   3.3 ,   4.1 ,   5.4

6. 1; Replace ‘been’ with ‘being’.

7. 3; Replace ‘of’ with ‘for’.

8.  4; add ‘as’ before ‘appeasing’.

9.  5; No error

10.  3; Add ‘the’ before ‘inability’.

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