Best Cash Back Apps for 2023 to Earn or Save Money

best cash back apps

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Are you looking for ways to save money on your next shopping spree? With the digitalization of everything, cashback apps have become an increasingly popular way to save money.

Cash-back apps allow you to earn cash back on every purchase you make, from groceries to retail stores to online purchases.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best cash back apps available and how they can help you get cash back and save money. We’ll also talk about the advantages that come with using these apps and how they work.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

How Do Cash back or Money back Apps Function?

Cash back offers allow users to receive rebates when making purchases with affiliated retailers or partner stores. When you shop at one of these partner stores mostly through online shopping, any eligible purchases will grant you a predetermined amount of cash back in the form of points or cash rewards.

It can be redeemed instantly or later via gift choices like reward cards and vouchers. The amount of money earned by the user depends on the type of product purchased as well as what kinds of discounts are offered by specific retailers through the app in question.

Importance of Cash Back Sites and Apps While Shopping

Cash back apps offer rewards and make shopping easier on a budget as users can often rack up savings from multiple sources across different retailers every time a purchase is made through the app itself.

Most of them also offer loyalty bonuses for consistent use of the app over time, which provides even more ways for shoppers to save money.

Additionally, many of them have customer referral incentives which can be quite lucrative for regular shoppers who refer friends or family to join their specific program.

Earn Cash back: List Of The Best Cash Back Apps for 2023

1. Rakuten, Cash-Back App

rakuten logo

Rakuten (used to be Ebates before it was taken over by affiliate station Rakuten) teams up with more than 3,500 stores to give you cash back best deals when you make any purchase.

After generating your free account, you can get benefit in three distinctive ways:

  • Shop straight on the Rakuten website by looking up and search for a store. Cashback is immediately credited when you buy.
  • Download the Rakuten Money Back Button on your browser. This extension will allow you to trigger and let you earn your cash back reward every time you shop at one of its partner businesses. Use it to enter promo codes as well.
  • Have the Rakuten app either for iPhones or Android devices if you do most of your shopping on your cell instead of the computer. The Rakuten cash-back application would be perfect in this case.

With Rakuten, you can be compensated via check or PayPal at intervals. Additionally, when first-time members spend their initial $25 at a partner store within 3 months of signing up, they will receive a $10 welcome bonus.

Even better, when your acquaintances or family members create accounts and make purchases, you are rewarded with a $25 referral bonus. Rakuten can allow you to acquire huge savings in shopping without much effort on your behalf.

2. Ibotta, Rewards App

ibotta logo

The Ibotta app is one of the best cash back programs, a way to earn from groceries. Earn money back when you shop in-store by simply scan your receipts, linking a retailer account, or similar.

With the Ibotta referral promo code, you can even get up to $20 for just trying out the app. Also, take advantage of their gift cards feature to get cash swiftly – buy your card and receive automatic rewards back on eligible items.

The only catch is that you must do a brief task to earn money from every subsidised article. it could be as basic as completing a survey or watching an advertisement, but they accumulate over time.

Nonetheless, it’s a useful system since you are not restricted to merely one job per thing. You may select whether to get your points in the form of an exchangeable gift voucher or a direct payment.

3. BeFrugal, Cashback App

As Rakuten does, BeFrugal works with thousands of stores to give you cash back on your purchases. With a free membership, you can get up to 40% cash back when you purchase from over 5,000 stores.

Additionally, BeFrugal has gathered thousands of exclusive coupons and promo codes so that you save more. Even if a code doesn’t work, they’re so confident in their codes that they will give you $5.

If you find higher cash-back rates on other websites, BeFrugal will match the rate plus give you 25% back. All new members will receive a welcome gift worth $10, and each friend who earns more than $10 in cashback within one year of their referral will be rewarded with money worth $10.

You can redeem your cash via check ($25 minimum), Direct Deposit (no minimum), or PayPal (no minimum). You can also use your Cashback to purchase gift cards with a 1-6% bonus.

To start earning money with BeFrugal, shop directly via the website, add the app’s button to your browser, or download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

4. Honey, Cash Back Reward

honey app logo

Honey is a convenient mobile app and browser extension that automatically searches for coupon codes, promotional offers, and discounts each time you shop on the web.

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers, Honey automatically hunts down the best available deals and applies them during checkout so that you save money on every purchase without needing to look for coupons or search for savings.

Furthermore, Honey can find coupons a lot faster than any other site or application since it has access to more than 100,000 codes in its database.

You can even employ the Honey browser to earn cashback from stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, and many others!

5. RebatesMe, earn rewards by online shopping

RebatesMe is one of the best cash-back apps that lets you earn. This app connects buyers with over 4,000 different stores, and their curators make sure to peruse through available deals to benefit those who shop. Also, new registrants receive an astounding $20 sign-up bonus.

When you finish signing up and earn more than $10 in rebates during your first 365 days – which isn’t an unrealistic goal to achieve, you will be conclusively well-informed on how to get great cash back on purchases.

RebatesMe currently has more than 350,000 active members and has delivered over $30,000,000 in exact cash-back replenishments since its launch in 2013.

As soon as you finalize your registration and make a purchase of no less than $15 before taxes and delivery charges are calculated, another $15 will appear in your RebatesMe bankroll.

Once it becomes accessible, you can cash out via your PayPal account or your preferred debit or credit card. These bonuses clearly certify RebatesMe as an ideal choice for readers hunting for the best cashback app to use when shopping around.

But that is far from all; RebatesMe also offers people the chance to save some money at checkout. If you’re on the lookout for a desirable way to get easy cashback on all of your purchases, then sign up with RebatesMe! They offer useful incentives at countless retailers online.

You can join right away and initiate getting rewarded just by downloading this great cash back utility and starting shopping without further notice!

6. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a well-established paid survey platform that compensates its users for filling out surveys. It is one of the best way to get cash back.

If taking surveys for money isn’t your thing, you always have the alternative of downloading Survey Junkie Pulse from the Google Chrome Web Store.

This browser extension will run behind the scenes while you search the web, shop online, play video games, and others, you will automatically earn cash back in return for giving them insight into aspects like market research data.

They report that all individual data, such as passwords or credit card details, is cloaked in encryption software and is never shared with any marketing firms.

Using Pulse is one of the most convenient ways to get paid to involve yourself in marketing research—all you need to do is make a Survey Junkie account, install the plugin on your browser, or authorize Pulse through their app and start browsing!

As you browse, Pulse will track and will give you money back on your everyday movements and deposit funds collected into your Survey Junkie Dashboard wallet in U.S. dollars. It can be withdrawn through PayPal, gift cards, checks, or direct deposits.

7. Drop

By downloading the Drop app and linking up one or more cards to your account, you can earn points back from everyday spending on dining out, transportation via Uber, and a variety of other costs.

Plus, check out the app for exclusive offers so you can get maximum savings (but don’t let yourself splurge just to get your money back!).

8. Fetch Rewards

fetch rewards logo

The Fetch Rewards app is an exceptional cashback app that offers you to make money just with your phone! It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it simple to use.

After obtaining goods, merely take a picture of your receipt, and the app will do the rest. Additionally, Fetch Rewards also has a referral program in place.

By referring a friend who downloads the app and earns 10 points within 7 days, you’ll earn 100 reward points!

9. SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a money-back platform that grants rewards to those who spend on it. It’s hooked up with more than 1,500 stores already and has paid out more than $327 million to its users in the form of cash or gift cards.

You can benefit from Swag Bucks by looking through its website or downloading the browser extension. With the extension, you’ll recognize if a store cooperates with Swagbucks from your Google search results simultaneously, seeing how much money back you’ll collect.

Shopping online isn’t the only chance to earn rewards from SwagBucks; taking surveys, watching videos, sparking up offers with partner traders, gambling online, referring friends, and other Internet-based activities still count as well.

Your rewards can be received as currency via Paypal, given away as contributions to one of the firm’s companion associations, or redeemed for an Amazon or other shop’s offer card.

Swagbucks could be a great way to make money from leisure tasks done on the internet for those who prefer polls, playing around on the internet, or engaging in any activities while surfing over shopping.


With, people can gain cashback, digital coupon codes, and printable in-store coupons that permit them to save money on groceries, household supplies, and more at the supermarket.

This app is claimed to always offer cash back in many dollars’ worth of free coupons across different shopping types.

Furthermore, customers can make extra income by activating the cashback offers through the website or mobile application.

There is no minimum balance needed in order to withdraw one’s profits; one must simply search for and activate these cashback options to get their extra cash return.

11. ReceiptHog

Receipt Hog is an exceptional choice as well. You can get cash back when shopping, for your purchases from multiple retailers. After Receipt Hog has collected the commission from the retailer, you can pull your cash back from your account.

Withdrawing cash back from your account is simple. Once you reach the required withdrawal amount (which differs depending on where you live), you may ask for either a PayPal payment, bank transfer, or Amazon gift card.

12. Top Cashback


Have you not yet tried Top Cashback? If not, where have you been? It is a renowned cashback site in the USA and UK.

Unlike the already mentioned apps, cashback is only attained when shopping online, since it requires that shoppers click on a specific link prior to making any purchase. These links lead to thousands of retailers offering incredibly generous rates.

Signing up to be a member is free, but those who avail themselves of the paid plan receive extra perks. Earnings can be withdrawn using PayPal, bank transfers, or as a gift voucher for an additional reward.

13. Quidco

Quidco is a direct rival of Top Cashback. They have the same process and provide similar retailers. It is worth determining which one gives the most cashback before you make a purchase, as Quidco and Top Cashback frequently present slight variations in cashback rates.

There is also a subscription option that may appeal to those who are aware of the value it offers. Yet, Quidco has the edge over Top Cashback due to granting its users access to an extra piece of software known as ClickSnap.

Cash back Apps and Rewards

Thus, if you desire to take advantage of your shopping and increase the value of your purchases, a plethora of cashback apps are accessible.

By utilizing assorted apps, you can maximize your cash back on your everyday purchases receive money for the things you would have bought anyway!

To get the full advantages of these cashback apps, ensure that you sign up for all the programs you are going to use and make certified purchases. Completing questionnaires is an optimal method to acquire additional income online and will assist you every month.

Nonetheless, be patient. It might take some time before some of these organizations transmit their rewards, but if you persevere, eventually they will arrive! So why wait? Instantly load these cashback applications today and begin being remunerated!

Good luck!

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