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Link building is an important part of any SEO backlink strategy, as it helps boost organic traffic and increase domain authority. One of the most popular strategies for link building is broken link building.

This involves finding pieces of content that include a link to an outdated page or website and replacing it with a link to your website. This way, you can get quality backlinks that will link back to your site and help improve your SEO rankings.

Another way to build links is by creating content that other websites may want to reference or use in their own content. As you create content, be sure to include links where appropriate so that other sites can conveniently link back to your site.

Link building is an effective way to improve search engine rankings and generate more organic traffic for your business.

By taking advantage of different strategies, such as broken link building and creating high-quality content, you can build meaningful links.

It will benefit your domain authority and maximize your SEO results.

What are SEO Backlinks?

Backlinks are like bridges that connect one website to another. A link from a different website to yours is called a “backlink,” and when you have lots of backlinks, search engines can easily see how popular and important your website is.

So when you’re trying to show off your website to the world, make sure you focus on getting lots of SEO backlinks!


Link Building Strategies

Link building is an important tactic for SEO and digital marketing. It is a procedure for obtaining a backlink from another website to your own.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in how search engines rank websites, so having many backlinks can help you increase your website’s visibility.

There are many ways to earn backlinks, such as by asking for a link from another website, guest blogging on other sites, or creating content that other websites will want to link to.

You can also use a link checker tool to find out which websites already have links pointing to your website, so you can reach out and ask them for additional links.

If you use the link-building tactic correctly, you’ll get a backlink and increase your website’s rankings. Link building is an effective way to earn better rankings and more visitors, so it should be part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

Now let’s have a look at the different ways to give backlinks to your site which you can follow for your website.

1. Support New Business Growth to Get Backlinks

Crowdfunding is a great way to get links back to your website. When someone donates money to help a business, they often post a link with the donation. This can help you get multiple links from different people and different places.

There are two types of these links: donor links and package links.

Donor links are created when a website publishes the details of people who have donated and provides a link to their personal website.

Package links, on the other hand, are additional or bonus items that donors can receive as part of a package if they give a certain amount of money.

All in all, donating to charity can be a rewarding experience.

2. Find Crowdfunding Sites for Link Building

There are a plethora of crowdfunding websites, but for now, let’s have a look at Indiegogo. If you’re looking for projects on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website, an easy way to search is by doing a Google search with specific keywords.

However, you might need to sort through the results to find what you’re looking for.

A few example searches are site:[] inurl:projects +”link to your”” and “site:[] inurl:projects+”donor page.

These searches will narrow down your search to projects that either add donor details to their page or give links in exchange for donations.

Crowdfunding projects are a great way to get more exposure for your website. They offer affordable options and often have additional perks that you can take advantage of.

With crowdfunding, you can get the links to your website that you need without breaking the bank. 

3. Be a Resource for Journalists

Journalists need experts to include in their stories. If you find a journalist writing about topics that are related to your website, there’s a good chance they will want to feature you and link to your site.

You can be their expert source and get a backlink as a bonus.

Let’s understand more about this with the help of an example. If you own an e-commerce beauty business, you should connect with journalists who write for magazines that your target audience reads.

Check the “About Us” page of each magazine and find the journalist who is most likely to need your help. Then follow them on social media and send a short, clear message about how you can help their readers.

Make sure it’s informative and written in the style of their publication.

Also, having logos from well-known publications on your e-commerce website tells people that your products are credible and trustworthy. It can even increase the number of customers who buy things from your site by up to 34%.

If you’re just starting out, focus on getting small local publications to feature you. The more famous websites will come later!

4. Always Create High-Quality Content

When writing content for a website, it’s important to create something interesting and useful that people will want to read. When you provide reliable information, other sites may link to your site as an authoritative source.

Don’t just rush to write something; take the time to create high-quality articles that are informative, engaging, and shareable.

Writing detailed content won’t guarantee it will be shared widely, but it can increase the chances that a respected source will link to it.


5. Try to Regain Missing Backlinks or Broken Links

If you want to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results, it’s important to not only get new backlinks but also check if the old ones are still working. To do this, use SEO SpyGlass and update the Backlink Page Info for your website.

This tool will tell you if some of your backlinks have gone missing. You can also use Ahrefs, with the help of which you may find the lost backlinks in Site Explorer under “Backlinks” followed by “Lost.”

There are a few possible reasons why links may no longer be in the same place they were before.

  • The link may have been intentionally replaced by the site owner.
  • The page hosting the backlink may have been removed completely from the web.
  • The website may be experiencing technical difficulties and is temporarily inaccessible.
  • The page in question may have been restricted from being indexed by search engine robots.
  • In some cases, the website or page may even no longer exist.

So, it’s important to investigate any missing backlinks so that you can take the necessary steps to restore them or build new ones. If a link to your site has been removed, you can reach out to the website owners and ask them to help.

You could request that they put your link on another page, restore the backlink if it was deleted, or remove any commands that were blocking search engines from indexing their pages. This will all help get your backlink back in place.

6. Reclaim Unlinked Mentions for your Backlink Profile

Sometimes, people will talk about your brand, product, or service without providing a link to your website. You can contact them and ask them if they can add the link so their readers can easily find out more information.

It’s a great way to get more people interested in your brand and it’s also beneficial for the publisher too.

You can use this technique to reclaim links for other things related to your brand, like employee names, events you’re organizing, research reports, etc.

If you want to increase the links to your website, one strategy is to search for interviews or articles that mention your company or have statistics you’ve published.

Ask the publisher to link their article back to your site or add a proper attribution to the original source.

This method works so well because most website owners and editors already receive lots of low-quality outreach emails.

Investing time in sending well-crafted emails can give you an advantage.

7. Show Your Presence on Social Media

Social media links are often thought of as not worth it because they don’t usually help your website’s search engine ranking. But having some of these kinds of links is important for businesses to have a strong link profile.

So here are five things you can do on Facebook to get more out of it. All are easy to do, no matter what your skill level!

Building Backlinks with Facebook

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of SEO, and Facebook can be a great resource for building quality backlinks.

Not only can it help you get the attention of potential customers and business partners, but you can also use it to create backlinks for SEO purposes.

Here we will show you how to get quality backlinks from Facebook so you can increase your total number of backlinks and improve your search engine rankings.

You’ll learn about linking your website or blog posts with relevant keywords in your post titles, adding links in the comments section, creating groups and pages with links to your content, and more.

With these tips, you’ll be able to build a quality backlink quickly and easily on one of the most popular social media platforms out there.

Your Profile’s “About” Tab

The “about” page of your website is the best way to introduce yourself to new visitors. Add your URL to the settings and ensure it’s open to everyone. Provide information about yourself or your business in an informative way.

Your “About” Page Description

Your “about” page is an important part of your website. It’s a great way to give people information about you and your business.

You can add your website address to the contact section and in the description so more people will visit your website and learn more about what you do.

Writing your website address twice in your profile can increase traffic to your website from your About Page.

Include A Website Link In All Posts

It’s important to include a website link with each post you make, even if it doesn’t drive traffic to your own site.

You can add a link as a reference or for more information. This can be easily added to any blog post to help provide extra information.

Page Buttons

You can add buttons to your cover photo on Facebook, which can direct users to your website. To do this, edit your page button and add the web address of your website. This will help you send traffic to your website when people click it.

Picture Descriptions

You can make a website address appear in the description of the picture that is on your profile and cover photo. This is a great way to get people to visit your site. Whenever you change your photos, make sure to update the website address too!

8. Create Statistical Content

Gathering data for use can be time-consuming and expensive. But you don’t have to start from scratch. Look for existing data from other sources and put them together on one page.

This way, people won’t need to search through different websites for the information they need. When writers are looking for facts to back up their stories, it’s easier for them if their research is already done for them.

That way, there’s a good chance they will link to your page instead of the original source.

To find statistical data:

  • Start your research with data aggregator sites like Statista or Foursquare to find statistical data.
  • Explore industry-specific publications such as eMarketer and The Business of Fashion for up-to-date numbers.
  • Conduct Google News searches using phrases like “new study reveals + [topic]” which can give you access to fresh research reports.
  • Follow key influencers in the field you’re researching, as they often share valuable data.
  • Utilize online analytical tools for more granular insights into a variety of metrics.
  • Check social media for helpful hashtags and lists related to your topic.

9. Get “Best X” List Mentions

If you want to buy something, it’s a good idea to look at all of your options before deciding. Reading things like “The 13 Best Free Photo Editing Tools in 2023” can help you figure out what other people are using and recommending.

To get an idea of how popular these types of articles are in your industry, you can use a keyword research tool to check the monthly search volume.

For example, there are over 3,400 searches each month for the phrase “best CRM for small businesses”, according to information from Ahrefs.

If you want to give your brand more visibility and attract more customers, one great way to do it is by being featured on lists of the best products in your category. This can help generate high-quality backlinks to your website too!

If you want to get your product or service included in a list, you can search on Google for blogs that mention related topics.

It may help to use words like “best”, “top” and phrases like “Best [product] for [specific people]” or “Top [number] [product] for [people group]”.

This way, you’ll be able to find the best options.

Make a list of potential websites and prioritize them based on how popular they are, the number of people who link to them, the position they are ranked in, and the amount of traffic they could generate for you.

Once the list is ready, write a few sentences that explain why your product or service should be included in the list. To make sure your request stands out, use an informative tone when you write your email.

link building seo

10. Analyse Who’s Linking to your Competitors

If you need help finding places to get backlinks for your website, consider looking at what your competitors have done.

Studies show that links from sites about the same topic as yours can help your website rank better in search results.

To get even more backlinks, try creating something better than your competitors’—like a superior product, tool, or piece of content—which may convince websites to link to yours instead of their competitor’s.

To improve your website’s ranking, use an SEO tool like Ahrefs, Moz, or Semrush to see which popular pages are linking to your competitor’s site. Look through these backlinks and decide which ones you can make better on your own website.

If your competitor has a blog post about making candles that only has 1,000 words and some backlinks, you can use this opportunity to create even better content that has more value for readers.

Create a great content piece and then reach out to the website linking to your competitor’s post to let them know about yours.

11. Build Links with Images

Images are a great way to draw people’s attention and make your website stand out. You can use images like infographics, graphics, photos, comics, and more to get more backlinks.

However, you should make sure that the link leads to the page where the image is located, not just the directory of the image itself. Linking to the image directory won’t bring any traffic, so make sure you link to the main page instead.

If you want to make sure that no one’s linking to your images from other websites, you can set up filters in your SEO tool to look for URLs that contain images.

If you find any, you should ask the site owners to change their links so they go to the page with the image instead of directly linking to the image itself. You can also do a Google Images search to see if anyone else is using your images.

If it’s an okay website, you can ask them nicely to link back to the original source.

12. Publish Personal Case Studies

If you want to get noticed, it’s a good idea to offer research with factual information. Providing facts to back up what you say makes it easier for other people to cite your work.

You can create case studies in any sector or field, like looking at how many calories you burn when playing Xbox Kinect. It’s all about showing different aspects of a topic and giving reliable details that are interesting to your audience.

13. Publish Free Digital Resources

You can get good links to your website by giving away something valuable, like an eBook or web-based app. It might cost some money, but it’s worth the investment.

For example, you can create an eBook about how to use your products or services. Lots of websites give away free tools, and those tools usually have a lot of backlinks.

14. Link Gap Analysis

One of the quickest ways to find backlink opportunities is to conduct a link gap analysis, which involves finding sites that link to your competitors but not to you yet.

If a website has linked out to more than one of your competitors, they will likely link out to yours, too.

The Backlink Gap tool can make it easy to find new websites that link to your competitors. All you have to do is enter your website and up to four of your competitors into the tool and click on “Find prospects.”

This will give you a list of domains (and pages) that link to at least one of your competitors, so you can start looking for more backlinks.

Learn about which websites are linking to the ones you chose to search. To find out more about who is linking to your competitors’ websites, click on the arrow next to the number in their column.

This will show you where the links come from, how important they are, and whether they could be useful for your own website. Be sure to visit each link to make sure it’s a good one before you pursue it.

When you come across a page that you think would be a good link to your website, you can reach out to them.

Just click the “+ Start outreach” button at the top of the page in the Backlink Gap tool, and a window will open where you can manage your outreach and send emails through Semrush.

15. Use Internal Link Building

Internal link building is a great way to get more links because you can decide exactly where to put them. Not only that, but it’s also simple to do and won’t get you into trouble.

What is an Internal Link?

An internal link is when you link one page of your website to another page on the same website. You have full control over these links, so you can choose what words are used for the link.

This is helpful because it helps people navigate your site more easily and can help search engines figure out what your different pages are about.

Why Internal Links are so Valuable?

Internal links are very useful for improving your SEO, and many people don’t realize it. They help Google find quality content, understand it, and rank it better.

You can also use internal links to control the web crawlers and direct visitors to the pages that will be most beneficial to you.

16. Update Old Content

If you’re looking for good content, check to see how many websites are linking to it. If lots of people are referencing it, then it must be a really great article.

To make sure your content is up-to-date, you can write a new piece that includes more recent information.

Finally, when the updated content is live, contact the people who wrote about the older version and let them know about the new one.

If you do outreach, like getting people to link to your website or share something about your business on social media, you should see the results quickly. It’s also important to remember that there are additional benefits from outreach too.

You might work with other people on projects that help your business grow, which can increase your visitors and followers over time.

17. Change Homepage Links to Article Links

If other websites link to your homepage instead of the exact article they are referencing, it helps your homepage, but not the individual pages on your website. You can use backlink tools to find which sites are linking directly to your homepage.

Then, you can politely email them and ask if they could link to the article instead of your homepage. Many webmasters will do this if you are respectful and kind in your message.

18. Add Video to Website Posts

Watching videos online is becoming more and more popular! About 45% of people watch at least an hour of videos every week on Facebook or YouTube.

Having videos as part of your website content gives people two different ways to take in information: reading text or watching a video.

This can even be a great way to get more backlinks and make your website show up higher in search results. People are more likely to share the page if it has extra content, like a video.

19. Make Use of The Evergreen Content- News

Evergreen content is great for lasting results, but it’s also a good idea to cover current news and topics happening in your industry.

If you have special information or an interesting perspective on the topic, other websites might link to your content. Writing about timely issues will get more people visiting your website and reading other articles too.

20. Recycle Old Domain Names

One of the best ways to get more links for your website is by using expired domains. This is a great tactic because these domains often have lots of backlinks, high authority, and are related to your industry.

Plus, you’ll find valuable links from trusted sources like Wikipedia, the BBC, and The New York Times.

What to Do With Expired Domains?

When you purchase an expired domain, you have a few options. You can build a new website with it to give you instant trustworthiness, link it to your own site, or send visitors from the expired domain to your own site.

Each of these choices can help give your website more power and visibility.

How to Find Expired Domains?

When it comes to finding expired domains, there are lots of tools out there that can make the process easier. Two of the best tools are Domain Hunter Gatherer and Spamzilla.

These will help you locate expired domains and collect important information about them. Once you’ve found an expired domain, what you do with it is up to you!

21. Proper Comment Linking

Websites often have a place to leave comments and add a URL. Some people will use this for spam and try to link to bad websites.

To get a good, high-quality backlink from the comment section, find a website related to yours, leave an interesting comment, and add your URL if you can.

This can work well if you offer something of value in the comment; otherwise, the webmasters might put your information on a list of spammers.


22. Provide Testimonials

When customers are deciding what to buy, they like reading other people’s opinions. Reviews and testimonials help them decide which product or service is best for them. You can also use reviews and testimonials to get more links to your website.

To do this, write a blog post that talks about services or products you love. Then let the owners of those sites know about it. They might link to your content, share it on social media, or if the site has a spot for user reviews, you can leave one there and gain a backlink.

If you want to get started with getting more links for your website, a great way is to write testimonials or case studies about tools and services related to your industry.

Make sure that the content is actually useful to your readers and not just written for the sake of getting links.

For example, if you’re in the SEO industry, you could target the keyword “free SEO tools” since it has a search volume of 4,400. When done correctly, this technique can result in a lot of backlinks from different websites.

Writing about things you use and enjoy can be a good thing for everyone involved. The owners of the products may share your post, and it could reach many people in your network or topic area. Try to make your piece interesting and informative.

23. Supplier Links

If you’re selling products from other companies, there’s a great chance to get links leading back to your website. Many manufacturers and suppliers have pages that list stores where their products can be bought.

When these websites link to the stores that sell their products, it helps them get more customers as well as more attention.

To do this, make a list of all your suppliers and then visit each website to find out if they have one of these “where to buy” pages with links to retailers. Look for a link or button named something like “retailers” or “dealers”.

24. Guest Posting

Writing guest posts is a great way to promote yourself and your website. It helps with branding, brings more visitors to your site, and gives you better search engine rankings. There are 2 methods to find sites to post on by searching online.

Guest Posting Using Google Search

If you want to write posts for other websites, you can search Google for phrases like “keyword guest post.” This will usually show you sites that accept these kinds of posts.

Direct Contact

If you want to write a guest post for a website, it’s often helpful to reach out directly to the webmaster. Make sure you are only writing for websites that are related to your own.

For example, if you have an online store selling camping equipment, you wouldn’t want a link from a site about used cars. Write in an informative style.

Why are Backlinks Important?

When it comes to making sure your website shows up near the top of Google’s search results, backlinks are essential. A backlink is like a vote or recommendation; it tells other websites that you can be trusted as a source of information.

It might be hard for small businesses and startups to get these votes, but if you want to do well on Google, you need to make sure you get lots of high-quality backlinks.

Link building is more than just improving your website’s visibility on Google. It also gives readers an idea of where your company fits compared to others and that there is a real person behind it.

Backlinks show a connection between two sites and how both are helping each other grow. Additionally, backlinks provide readers with quality information that helps answer their questions.

Start Building High-Quality Backlinks

When building links for your website, it’s important to remember that not all backlinks are equal. Think of it like a vote of confidence—the credibility of the source needs to be taken into account.

Cheating tactics like link farms, PBNs, and comment spam used to work in the past, but now Google has caught on, and too many of these unnatural links can lead to your site being penalized.

Quality matters just as much as quantity, so you’ll want to focus on earning high-quality backlinks that are:

Authoritative: An authoritative website has lots of links from other trustworthy sources, which means it is seen as reliable. People visit the site a lot, and it often appears near the top of web searches.

Additionally, websites with .gov or .edu addresses are usually given more authority, and big, well-known websites also have a lot of influence.

Relevant: A relevant backlink is one from a page that talks about the same topic as yours. As an example, suppose your tech company’s homepage was linked from a technology blog post.

A relevant backlink is seen as a high-quality link and helps your website more than a non-relevant link would.

Unique: Being unique is important if you want to stand out from the competition. Having a website that links to you but not your competitors will give you an advantage.

Otherwise, having a backlink can be helpful, but it’s seen as basic and doesn’t really make you stand out.

Natural: Natural links are those that come from web pages with no commercial interests. These pages provide helpful or interesting information, so you can trust that the anchor text and link are genuine.

A natural link is also on a page with an appropriate number of other links.


So, in 2023, building links will be an important part of any online marketing plan that works.With link building opportunities constantly changing, businesses must stay on top of their game to make the most of their link building campaigns.

It is essential to track and analyze the number of backlinks your website has, as this will determine how effective your link-building efforts have been.

Additionally, publishing content on other websites can provide an opportunity to get more backlinks and increase traffic to your site.

Overall, it is clear that backlinks are still very important for SEO purposes in 2023, and businesses should take advantage of any opportunity to get more backlinks for their website.

Therefore, it is essential to continually check how many backlinks you have so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly and make sure your link building campaign is as successful as possible.

Good Luck!

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