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An example of the best advertising campaigns is the print ad of the legendary advertising group at Doyle.

Nike wanted to create a successful brand when they made this ad campaign, so they came up with the idea that men could smell like men.

This print ad went viral and got millions of views in just a few days. To check out our list of the best video ads from other successful brands, you can read further.

These video ads are part of ad campaigns that have been successful for many years and are still remembered as some of the most legendary moments in advertising history.

If you want to see what great marketing looks like, have a look at Nike’s print ad or any other video ad from our list—you will be amazed by their creativity and success!

What is Advertisement in An Advertising Campaign?

As per Oxford Languages, an advertisement is an indication or statement in a public place advertising a merchandise, service, or occasion.

In 1975, though, the Promotion Association of the UK’s Jeremy Bullmore developed a definition of promotion as “any compensated-for communication intended to inform and/or influence,” adding non-remunerated ads later.

These definitions are relatively obscure because it’s hard to define advertisements accurately given the variety of forms they can take.

For instance, an ad on a park bench is very different from a daring online promotion campaign on Facebook or Instagram.

So, establishing the objectives of marketing is necessary in advertising, notwithstanding how you decide to run your campaigns.

Below, let’s look into the significance of promotion with a group of good advertisement examples that you can use for inspiration for your own ideas.

19 Best Brand Examples of Advertisement Campaign

When it comes to the best examples of advertisements, there are many to choose from. We’re going to look at fifteen to twenty-five of the most successful and memorable ones. One of the best examples is p&g products’ “like a girl” campaign.

This was an inspiring advertisement that focused on playing sports “like a girl” and how it should be a source of pride for young female students.

Digital advertising has become one of the most popular forms of advertising in recent years, and Metro Trains’ “dumb ways to die” ad was one of their most successful online campaigns. It showed how dangerous carelessness can be while also being humorous and memorable at the same time.

Many other excellent examples exist as well, such as Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan, Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, Volkswagen’s “The Force” commercial, Budweiser’s “Whassup?” ad, and Burger King’s “Subservient Chicken.”

All these ads have something special about them that make them stand out: expertly written scripts, engaging visuals, humor, or emotion-evoking moments.

Each great advertisement has its own unique story to tell and will continue to inspire future generations of creative minds with its cutting-edge ideas.

1. Motorola Razr


In the first decade of the 2000s, Motorola had a highly regarded and diminutive flip cellphone known as the Razr. Even with its numerical keypad and mini display, people were captivated by its style and straightforwardness.

In 2019, when Motorola re-launched an overhauled Razr including a folded touchscreen upon opening, it gained much attention.

A commercial clip showing this launch shows a throwback Razr subtly taking off from a surface before its outer wraps come away to expose a brand-new look. The phone then opens to show an Android-esque touch screen.

2. Nike Campaign – Just Do It


In 1987, to allure a larger crowd, the brand introduced its first major Nike campaign. It contained a series of TV commercials that were directed at non-athletes, females, and kids alike.

The night before the imaginative office presented their new Nike project, they incorporated the motto “Just Do It.”

This slogan was raised by creatives as well as Nike prior to being used in the advertisement. Nobody conceived that it would have any effect or become synonymous with the brand name.

34 years later, it is still part of this successful brand’s essential mission, which is why “Just Do It” is thought of as one of the best creative advertisement examples.

Why Is Nike on The Best Advertisement Example List?

This stirring message strongly struck both those who were linked to sports and those who were entirely unconcerned. It represented a step toward inclusiveness for Nike, which was the main idea behind the campaign.

The catchphrase was an ideal blend: it was inspiring, brief, and comprehensible. To many, “Just Do It” went beyond just another of those eighties commercials – it turned into an adage to follow.

Nike: Results of Creative Advertising

Prior to the “Just Do It” ad series, Nike had targeted a modest selection of male athletes in competitive sports. The campaign sought to change their approach, featuring commercials that focused on walking, cross-training, basketball, and women’s fitness.

Before they started the “Just Do It” promotion, Nike was a small label having difficulty appealing to new buyers. After promoting it, Nike grew into a leading sporting goods label. Reports showed an increase of 1000% in sales over the following decade.

3. Dove’s Awareness Campaigns – Real Beauty

dove logo

Dove’s Real Beauty Movement. Year: 2004. Mediums: Videotape, Print, Experiments.

Unilever, the creators of Dove, were one of the first companies to incorporate sustainability into their business plan. No wonder they launched a campaign with the aim of raising women’s self-esteem everywhere.

Dove’s “Real Beauty” awareness campaign was in response to a study that stated only 2% of women viewed themselves as beautiful.

The campaign was not just comprised of magazine and TV advertisements. It involved various experiments, such as “Tick-Box” billboards, which brought 1.5 million people to the campaign site.

Their Real Beauty Sketches video was seen by more than 50 million people during its initial 12 day release period. Their online advertising strategy was triumphant in sparking dialogue amongst the general public and advocating for an uplifting message for females.

Why Are Dove’s Awareness Campaigns on The Best Ads List?

The Real Beauty campaign was noteworthy for its power to spark a discussion with its designated demographic. This educational effort went against general beauty ideals.

Dove presented ‘ordinary women’ in their adverts along with stimulating messages. This set up the brand’s stance on mental prowess in beauty parity.

Dove’s Awareness Advertising Example: Results

In the initial ten years of the campaign, revenues of Dove products skyrocketed from $2.5 billion to $4 billion. As a consequence of the campaign, Dove become the most powerful soap brand in America.

In addition to monetary triumph, the brand concocted a beneficial social result – something quite different from other promotional drives at that time – and was honoured with immense customer fidelity by hundreds of millions of people.

4. Absolut: The Absolut Bottle


The Absolut print advertising campaign kicked off in 1980 and was one of the most successful ad campaigns ever.

Going strong for 25 years and showcasing over 1,500 distinctive images, this remained the most extended steady-state ad campaign of all time and drastically raised Absolut’s share of the US vodka industry.

Despite the relatively commonplace appearance of the Absolut vodka bottle, this imaginative marketing effort involved ordinary objects and scenery being employed to mirror its shape, creating an engaging narrative appreciated by everyone.

Although a product may appear drab, with a touch of ingenuity it can be made exciting and one-of-a-kind.

5. California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk?

Recognized worldwide, the California Milk Handler Board’s “Have You Got Milk?” venture raised the consumption of milk in just a year by 7% in California and had an effect on the creativeness of people everywhere, with memes and modifications still existing today!

The endeavor was instituted by the ad office Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners and focused on current milk drinkers, with the decision that “the only moment folks truly ponder milk is when they have come up short.”

The advertisement incorporated print, television, radio, and billboards and ran for over a decade. It is more sensible to focus on existing customers instead of attempting to find new ones. This is a wiser alternative than seeking out an external audience.

6. Spotify


Spotify introduced a new representative – or rather, spokesdragon – in a 30 second ad created by Wieden + Kennedy New York in 2016.

Falkor and his companion Atreyu (now a heavily bearded 44 year old man) are both from the precious 1984 fantasy movie The NeverEnding Story.

Even W+K got the original stars to again play their characters (Noah Hathaway as Atreyu and Alan Oppenheimer as Falkor’s voice).

The couple look much like they did when the film left them over two decades ago: flying through clouds while the moving theme song plays in the background.

“I cannot believe people still listen to this song!” Atreyu cries out. His dragon concurs, they both laugh, and they speed away into a grainy, CG 1980s atmosphere.

7. Levi’s Best Advertising Campaign: Casual Business Wear

levis logo

In 1992, Levi’s sent a brochure to 25000 HR departments in the US. This brochure was the key to solving their sales downturn since they were fighting back against inferior overseas products.

A new trend had swept in for wearing casual apparel to jobs, yet not everyone embraced it, considering it could be interpreted as permission for informal and unprofessional dressing.

Levi’s realised this fashion style would endure. Their marketing team decided to compose a guide for “casual businesswear” with guidelines on what is acceptable and showcased their items throughout the guide – essentially a hidden advertisement campaign which turned out to be one of the best ad campaigns.

Why Was Levi’s Advertising Strategy Such a Success?

The most excellent commercials aren’t necessarily overt advertisements. The effort focused on helping people by addressing the inquiry “What is business casual?” With education, the premise of Levi’s prosperity was developing a campaign from instructional content.

This inspired HR managers to provide Levi’s promotion to its intended audience in a mild, credible way. By building these rules the brand displayed itself as an answer for a difficulty.

Levi’s unique effort unlocked a recent sector for workwear for a full presence of experts.

Levi’s Best Advertising Campaigns: Results

When Levi’s inaugurated its scheme, merely 66% of firms had a dress code. Three years on, that ratio had ascended to 90%. By 1995, Levis recorded a 10% rise in sales from the earlier year, amounting to $6.2 billion.

The innovative pondering is what guided the campaign to be deemed as one of the preeminent advertising campaigns created.

8. McDonald Advertisement – I’m Lovin’ It


2002 was a hard year for McDonald’s. Issues from worker contentment to share price slump posed difficulties for them.

Their stock was down from $40 to less than $15 and customer opinion had become increasingly negative, reducing the chance that McDonald’s would remain applicable.

The brand’s advertising division needed an adjustment & a novel approach replaced the company’s old mass-marketing strategy.

The marketing squad of McDonald’s placed customers in the core of the new effort, which is why “I” was chosen: it allowed people to give feedback on how they thought about the brand.

Hence, “I’m Lovin’ It” came to life, recharging the brand name. This change generated McDonald’s as one of the popular names in the country.

What Makes the Mc Donald’s Advertisement Good?

The McDonald’s commercial represented a switch from broad marketing to more customized advertising. This conformed to trends in brands communicating with their patrons.

The slogan talked about the humble joys in people’s daily lives, McDonald’s being one of them. By accepting a tailored promotional strategy the brand re-established its link with shoppers, and recovered staff’s and franchisee’s assurance in the corporation’s direction.

McDonald Advertisement: Results

After the campaign was started, sales had multiplied and share prices elevated from $13 to $45. Renovating the brand with the slogan “I’m lovin it” assisted in preserving McDonald’s modernity.

McDonald’s announced that awareness for the campaign reached 86% in its top 10 markets – amongst everyone who had a TV!

“I’m lovin’ it” became the catchphrase for McDonald’s, with many of the motifs first introduced in their “I’m lovin’ it” advertising campaigns still being used to this day.

9. Adobe

adobe logo

Bob Ross — the fondly remembered 1980s artwork tutor who died in 1995, saw an unforeseen resurgence of fame in 2016. After Netflix added his esteemed TV program, The Joy of Painting, to its broadcast selection, Ross turned into a hot theme on Instagram.

Adobe perceived this and decided to honour the late artist in a compilation of instructional videos promoting their new Adobe Photoshop Sketch for the iPad Pro.

Verisimilitude was at the core of this nostalgic campaign. Adobe and the agency Lekker Media collaborated with Bob Ross Inc. to assure that each detail was precise, even down to the label of the clothing Ross wore on his show.

Children’s book illustrator Chad Cameron, who performs as Ross in the series, imitates the painter’s tranquil and unassuming attitude faultlessly.

10. Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

coca cola

It is now commonplace to come across Coca-Cola bottles, cans, and billboards adorned with a broad selection of titles through the “Share a Coke with…” movement.

This began in 2011 in Australia with 150 frequently used names and has since expanded to all parts of the world.

You can even request an individual bottle bearing a nickname or logo. Such personalised pieces were incredibly inventive and inspired more projects by Coke involving song lyrics, vacation spots, and others on their labels.

In addition to customized tags, Coke also promoted their promotional campaign globally as well as allowing participants to text in a name for everyone to observe.

Not surprisingly, Pepsi developed advertisements to mock this competition; however, it definitely did not take away from this project’s representation!

Takeaway: It is possible to have an individualised bond with even a disposable or prefabricated item.

Demonstrating this, one can deduce that there does not always have to be something extraordinary for someone to feel attached.

Coca Cola Advertisement: Results

The campaign generated more than 18 million felt impressions and surge to the Coca Cola Facebook page enhanced by 870%.

The Coca Cola advertisement convinced 1.25 million extra young people to test Coke more than the preceding summer. Revenues went up by 11% in the US, the most prosperous market where the print advertisements campaign was initiated.

11. Red Bull’s Best Advertising Campaign – Red Bull Stratos

red bull

Red Bull is renowned for arranging exclusive gatherings that act as their own ads. With strong affinities to extreme sports catered almost exclusively to marathon runners, the company has established itself as an authority on events associated with extreme sports.

For the Stratos campaign, the firm aimed to generate a world-wide online event that would bring together enthusiasm for science, design, extreme sports, and dream.

The total cost for this individual campaign was one tenth of Red Bull’s yearly global advertising budget ($330 million). Felix Baumgartner, an intense amateur skydiver, was the frontman for the event.

Red Bull aided him in becoming the first man to traverse the sound barrier by plunging from the stratosphere over New Mexico.

Felix passed the sound barrier by diving roughly 39 kilometres, establishing one world record and TOPPING two existing records.

Stratos created another standard in experiential brand marketing and immediately became one of the greatest advertising campaigns ever made.

What Made Stratos so Clever?

Red Bull had an attention-grabbing narrative—the journey to accomplishing a record-breaking skydive. They spread this story amongst their viewers over the development stage – 2 years before the incident.

This resulted in social media interest, so that when the event happened, everybody was interested.

The content makers created authentic content that would alter history. Everyone does not have monetarily capability to accomplish something extraordinary, yet all can create genuine and exclusive content.

The incident wasn’t interrupted by promos for Red Bull. Added to that, the event was coordinated with the trademark’s standards – presenting purchasers an energy beverage that “provides you wings”.

Red Bull Stratos Campaign: Results

When the ad occurred, 8 million viewers were seeing it live and Red Bull overturned social media with massive commitment across all the primary stages.

Red Bull also notched up an extra 2 million fresh subscribers across their owned-media channels in 15 days. Consequently sales augmented by 7% in just 6 months, fabricating added worth of $1.6 bn for the brand.

This was trailed by a 13% enlargement the year after, vending 5.2 bn cans of the product. In some regions sales even stretched twofold.

Beyond the documented sales however, Red Bull made an everlasting opinion on a whole age range. Everyone recollects where they were when they stalled to watch someone skydive from space.

12. Sprite’s Best Advertising Campaign – Obey Your Thirst


Not all advertising is about introducing something fresh. Sometimes, it is about reconsidering and appraising the perception people have of your product or service. Before 1992, Sprite was typically offered as an alternative to Coca-Cola.

This plan, however, failed to draw customers and Sprite was eventually discontinued from store shelves. It was then relaunched again in 1994 but this time with a strong association to hip-hop culture which rapidly gained momentum among city teens and African Americans.

Why Is It a Part of The Best Advertising Campaigns?

Sprite’s 1994 promotional campaign was a remarkable success in revamping. Sprite appealed to the youth by creating a strong association with rap and hip-hop culture.

This culture is connoted with ‘genuine discussion’, and the catchphrase pertained to it. “Obey your thirst” mirrored that culture of self-articulation and urged adolescents to stay steadfast to themselves.

Sprite’s Best Advertising Campaigns: Results

By altering the concept of the beverage, Sprite became the quickest growing brand & examples of all time in the carbonated beverage market for five years.

By 2000, sales had multiplied threefold and it was sitting harmoniously at 6th place in soft-drink popularity. Such striking outcomes can’t be asserted by many 1990s ad examples, making Obey your thirst a standout among the soda industry’s greatest ads.

13. Microsoft


Despite the fact that Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer is gone, this 2013 announcement for the web browser attained viral prominence and a Webby Award nomination.

“You could not recall us,” begins the spokesperson in the commercial, “however we met in the ’90s.” The promo keeps on demonstrating all things, the ’90s — fanny sacks, Tamagotchi, bowl trims — even Oregon Trail PC game makes an appearance.

Column Five Media, the imaginative office behind the advertisement set out to develop a sentimentality driven viral ad that would reintroduce Internet Explorer to ’90s kids.

14. Chili’s

Generally, Chili’s commercials usually showcase close-ups of radiant burgers, fried bacon, and french fries still radiating fryer oil. Thus, this 2016 ad produced by Boston-based firm Hill Holliday was a break from the fabric of ordinary restaurant go-to plan.

The spot illustrates the starting point of Chili’s through a series of antique vignettes. We watch the laid-back founders playing hoopla, sitting on their car hood and — naturally — turning classic Chili’s hamburgers in their original restaurant.

The spot engages traditional Americana – an atmosphere of fondness little-town American living, middle class values, and local eateries where everybody has memories of you.

15. Apple

apple logo

Apple routinely pulls on star power for their marketing, but they went for a notably nostalgic selection for their iPhone 6s commercial.

Everyone’s beloved sugary-toothed Muppet, Cookie Monster, might have shifted to a more nutritious diet, but he appears making a lot of his favorite chocolate chip cookies in this advertisement.

TBWA/Media Arts Lab is the organization behind the advert, and they even divulged a collection of “goofs” featuring the dear childhood figure.

16. Budweiser: “Whassup”


The most memorable ads endure long after they aired, and Budweiser has been adept at capturing its spectators’ creativeness and imagination with insightful, humorous commercials.

The renowned “Whassup” advertisement debuted in 1999 and ran up until 2002, exhibiting a group of friends’ pleasure viewing the game whilst drinking a Bud.

To those of us aged enough to remember the 90s, this commercial gave us an enduring catchphrase. During 2020, Budweiser has updated this successful effort with the “quarantine version,” sharing the idea that taking care of each other is what “whassup.”

Takeaway: You don’t require being impolite or straying away from your brand’s premise to create a amusing commercial that grips your observers’ attention and imagination.

17. Procter & Gamble: Thank You, Mom

Television commercials don’t always have to be humorous. This persuasive crusade moved the feelings of everybody during the 2010 Vancouver Games, the 2011 Special Olympics, and the 2012 London Olympic Games.

By delving deeper into the lives of professional athletes and the moms behind their accomplishments, the P&G organization snared our focus with this imaginative video that really does exhibit how P&G items influence everybody’s life.

Linked by the slogan “Proud sponsors of moms,” this was P&Gs most successful global advertisement battle throughout its entire 175-year history and invigorated the inventiveness of clients worldwide.

It motivated over 370 million social media experiences and raised P&G deals by more than $500 million.

Takeaway: Establishing an emotive association with your crowd is crucial. In case you’re part of a bigger or more all-inclusive story, don’t hesitant to feature it.

18. KFC’s Best Advertising Campaign – FCK


In 2018, KFC turned one of their most drastic defeats into one of their most successful promotions. The fast food institution known for its fried chicken, ran out of it due to a transform in food delivery fellows.

The transformation did not go as planned and the fresh provider had trouble dispatching. Matters amplified until stores had to close due to lack of assets, comprising of chicken.

KFC was ridiculed by the country. After things regained stability, the business rolled out a print announcement that apologized.

Why Is It a Part of The Best Advertising Campaigns?

The publicizing effort attested that KFC assumed full accountability for the mess-up, expressing repentance not only to their patrons but their staff as well.

Admitting to their blunders and poking fun at the circumstance served to bring humanity to the brand and those behind it.

Besides that, the publicizing effort produced an appealing corporate character for KFC. Consumers promoted the campaign on social media and it quickly spread across the world.

People were more taken with the apology than they were upset about KFC’s slip-up, and practically overnight, the brand was forgiven.

KFC’s Campaign: Results

Instead of concentrating on revealing the excellent features of their product like many other advertising efforts, KFC made a switch with this one. Quick-wittedness aided KFC in pulling through without enduring damage to the name brand by admitting their misjudgment.

19. Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

We recently mentioned how a vivid and unforgettable jingle can make folks pay attention (and get your song firmly lodged in their brains for the remainder of the day).

Metro Trains in Australia is a shining example of how having an alternate viewpoint can help in creating original material perfect for getting your message communicated.

“Dumb Ways to Die” became an overnight sensation on the web, with its song enjoyed on the radio, and even a mobile game formulated to Metro’s design!

The thought behind this campaign was simple: fooling around near train tracks is foolish. Absolutely, it’s as foolish as dying because you pushed a grizzly bear, took off your helmet in outer space, or consumed deteriorated food.

Utilizing diverting content that does not seem to be assuming and teaching, Metro Trains easily and humorously gets the message that fooling around close to trains is dangerous.

What Are the Objectives of Product Advertising?

The primary action of any promotional strategy is determining why the advertisements are needed. Is your intention to alert people about a terrific new merchandise or launch your new business?

Are you attempting to deliver a critical message, or do you need to express regret? With regard to marketing, there are numerous motives for why a business might necessitate an extraordinary ad campaign, but typically these can be categorised into the following groups:

1. Awareness of The Product or Brand

A promotional advertisement strategy is utilised to raise awareness and visibility within the target audience. Cases in point involve enlightening people regarding a modern item, an alteration to your methods, extra attributes or amenities, or simply informing customers that you are out there in the first place.

2. Conversions

While it is clear that advertising is normally implemented to invite people to buy something, it isn’t the only goal. Certainly, it is a significant component of any advertising campaign.

However, the persuasion may not only be to persuade you to buy; some businesses may use advertisements that are almost entirely aimed at correcting an injustice or getting customers to think about the brand.

3. Consideration

Promoting can likewise be an advantageous route to help remind customers of your organization’s vision. An astute advertising strategy will also ensure that you are not easily forgotten (despite the fact that I hum “dumb ways to die periodically”) and helps with vocal marketing.


The conclusion of the best advertisement examples of all time has been marked by a variety of types of advertising.

From the Million Views vodka market campaign to the Helmet Off in Outer Space video responses, these ads have been among the best in terms of making people understand that their product can be a game-changer.

Moreover, Google searches over the previous year have shown that the advertising group at Doyle Dane Bernbach set a new standard with their creative ideas and strategies.

All these campaigns have sparked conversations and kept people wanting more from their favourite brands, which is why they are remembered as some of the greatest advertisements ever created.

It goes without saying that these campaigns will be remembered for years to come as some of the most successful marketing experiences ever made.

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